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6 Inventive Ways to Reduce the Interest Rate on Your Loan
Posted on October 12, 2017

What if I told you there are ways in which you can slash the interest rate on your loan? [...]

Equifax Breach Compromises 143 Million Individuals, and You Are Probably One of Them!
Posted on September 26, 2017

According to Equifax, a "website application vulnerability" allowed hackers to breach their database. This resulted in the compromising of information on 143 million consumers. This includes information on birthdates, addresses, driver’s license information and, perhaps worst of all, Social Security numbers. [...]

What You Should Do if You Overpay Your Credit Card Bill
Posted on May 2, 2017

What Should You Do In Case You Overpay Your Credit Card Bill?[...]

Your Grace Period Can Help You Save Hundreds on Finance Charges!
Posted on April 28, 2017

Your Grace Period Can Help You Save Hundreds on Finance Charges![...]

Coinbase Has Launched a Visa Debit Card for Bitcoin Users
Posted on December 31, 2015

Holiday shopping just got a little more interesting. A bitcoin wallet, known as Coinbase, has teamed up with VISA to offer the first ever bitcoin debit card in the US. Consumers can now do their holiday shopping directly with bitcoin, instead of converting it first into fiat currency over a bitcoin exchange – or searching[...]