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Why You Need a Virtual Credit Card for your Business

April 8, 2021

Keeping track of your business credit card can be a hassle especially if you delegate much of your business purchases.   From stocking the breakroom to booking flights to purchasing office furniture, and so much more- it is hard to manage every single purchase.  You may often worry that your credit card number may fall into the wrong hands. With virtual credit cards, you can give e...

Is Making 'Minimum Payments' Every Month Financially Toxic?

March 18, 2021

How many times do you find yourself charging your credit card for inventory, or supplies when you know you won’t be able to make the full payment?  Covering costs during a global pandemic as a small business owner has become tricky. You still need to purchase inventory, but deliverables are different, and making up for the loss in revenue has you scrambling to charge your card and worr...

What Information Should You Look for in Your Credit Card Agreement?

March 11, 2021

When you use a credit card, it means that you agree to the terms of the credit card agreement. If you don’t follow the stipulations outlined in the agreement, you risk losing the right to use your card. Or, you may even fall into a debt trap and end up hurting your credit score. Unfortunately, credit card agreements are not always easy to read or comprehend. Research found that credit card ...

3 Reasons to Get a New Credit Card

February 18, 2021

As a consumer, if you are used to shopping for groceries from a certain store, you may be unwilling to go to another for the same purpose. The reason for this can be summed up in one word – a habit. Once we are accustomed to something, we often don’t want to try anything new. Unfortunately, when it comes to credit cards, this habit of “not wanting to try anything new” can ...

Credit Card Hardship Program? Here’s if You Should Do It

February 11, 2021

If you are going through a temporary financial rough patch, say you’ve lost your job or had a serious accident, it can get difficult to meet your debt obligations. In such a situation, it may be worthwhile for you to talk to your credit card issuer and find out whether they offer any hardship programs. What is a credit card hardship program? With a credit card hardship program, you interact...

What To Do After A Late Credit Card Payment

January 28, 2021

Late fees are one of the reasons why we all worry about missing our credit card payment. In this quick read, we’ll tell you exactly what you can expect to lose if you don’t make your payments on time. We’ll also tell you how to avoid such a situation, or at the very least, how to handle it should it arise (and come out of relatively unscathed). When do you incur late fees? The f...


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