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8 Bad Credit Card Habits To Avoid At All Costs

January 21, 2021

  Many of our clients tell us that they have trouble managing their credit cards. While some complain that they invariably rack up huge amounts of debt, there are others who say that credit cards are too expensive and require the consumer to cough up various kinds of fees.  However, the truth is that credit cards are incredibly useful instruments that can serve the holder in a variety o...

Best Way To Budget For Minimum Credit Card Payments

January 14, 2021

You must be familiar with the term minimum payment – it’s the amount of money you need to pay to your credit card issuer each month if you don’t want to be hit with a late fee or penalty interest rate. More often than not, the minimum amount due is a fraction of the balance that exists on your credit card. However, unless you know how to calculate the minimum payment due, it ca...

Why Your Lender's Credit Score May Differ From Yours

December 4, 2020

A credit score is a number that reflects a consumer’s creditworthiness and is used by creditors to understand how likely it is that the borrower will default on his loan obligation. Before you apply for a credit card, personal loan, mortgage or auto loan, it is advisable that you check your credit score. When you access this information, you’ll be able to gauge whether you will be app...

Should You Opt for Overdraft Protection?

September 23, 2020

What happens when you write a check or swipe your debit card for an amount that is over and above what you have in your checking account? Well, in most cases, you become liable to pay overdraft or insufficient funds fees. These days, many banks inquire whether you would like to opt-in or opt-out of overdraft fees. Let’s say you’ve opted in. In that case, whenever you use your debit ca...

6 Reasons Why Your Credit Card's Interest Increased

September 16, 2020

There was a time when credit card issuers could increase interest rates for the consumer whenever they wanted, causing much distress to the cardholder. Fortunately, with the introduction of the Credit Card Act of 2009, such unfair practices were put to a stop. Having said that, there are certain circumstances under which your issuer could, nevertheless, increase your interest rate, as follows. 1....

Review: 3 Top Credit Cards with the Best Sign-up Bonuses

August 25, 2020

Have you ever chosen one credit card over another just because it had a better sign-up bonus? Rewards are one of the main selling points of credit cards - that’s why you may be attracted to those that offer awesome benefits right from the word go. But it’s not just the sign-up bonus that’s important. The card should offer great rewards on an ongoing basis so that you can hang o...


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