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Fund&Grow's core (building credit up to $50-$250,000 Credit at 0%) is offered on a best-efforts basis. This means Fund&Grow will make best efforts to achieve those amounts, however, our client’s personal credit score and history will partially determine their results. By law, Fund&Grow cannot guarantee the amount of credit that will actually be offered to you regardless of your prequalification.

All accounts are subject to lender approval based upon credit criteria. $50,000 to $250,000 in business credit is for highly qualified clients over the term of the membership with multiple credit batches and/or lines. Introductory rates of 0% apply to purchases and/or balance transfers after which it reverts to an interest rate, which varies by lender as disclosed in the lending agreement. Fund&Grow is not a lender.

Clients understand that zero interest business credit is based on the personal credit history and scores of the applicant. High debt levels or credit impairment will cause clients to receive less zero interest credit in the first couple of months and potentially during the membership termin.

If clients do not wish to continue based on their credit not currently qualifying for immediate zero interest funding, they may inform the consultant on their file, within the first 60 days of signup up with Fund&Grow.

When a client receives service, in the form of credit gained or utilizing complimentary services, services will be considered to be rendered.

Fund&Grow offers a 60 calendar-day refund period to build confidence in working with us. The only condition of the refund is that you follow our Terms of Service and Cancellation Process, which is below.

That said, we strongly encourage you to avoid doing anything that would hinder our ability to serve you. As such, we recommend that you:

  • Follow instructions provided by Fund&Grow
  • Refrain from working with other credit-building companies, as well as refrain from utilizing credit repair companies, while working with Fund&Grow
  • Refrain from applying for credit while working with Fund&Grow
  • Refrain from requesting a refund once the applications or negotiations process begins, as this will halt the process and adversely affect our client’s future credit standing and results.

Cancellation Policy and Process

Fund&Grow provides a 60 calendar-day, money-back guarantee on our core consulting program. If no longer wish to work with Fund&Grow or are unable to qualify, simply complete the cancellation form within 60 calendar days of your signup date for a full refund less four percent (4%) for processing fees. You can mail, email or fax the cancellation form to (800) 514-7450. You will be contacted within one to two business days by our Client Services Director to process your refund. In order to qualify for a refund upon cancellation, this document must be received by fax, email or mail within 60 calendar days of enrollment.

When a client receives service, in the form of credit gained or utilizing complimentary services, services will be considered rendered and the client will not be eligible for a refund.

If a client does not receive service as stated above, client can request refund and enroll again at a later time.

If a client receives credit within their first 60 days, or after, they will remain in the program since there is no minimum amount guaranteed during the 60-day refund period and no refund will be issued. Amounts will vary from client to client because credit profiles produce different outcomes. Clients cannot merely test drive the service and decide to cancel based on their amount received being lower than the hoped as Fund&Grow consults with out client thoroughly before moving forward to applications.

Membership to the Fund&Grow Premium Newsletter may be cancelled at any time. Simply login and cancel your subscription. In order to receive a refund for a month’s charge, the request must be made within 30 days of the charge. Fund&Grow discloses the newsletter membership at signup and therefore will not issue more than two months of charges.

We promise to do everything in our power to get you as much Business Credit as possible.

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