About Fund&Grow – Alternative to High Interest Lending

Who We Are

Fund&Grow is a Florida based Corporation providing financial and strategic advisory services to mostly domestic clients, and some non-U.S. clients with credit eligibility. An A+ Better Business Bureau-rated financial services firm, Fund&Grow helps small businesses and real estate investors obtain unsecured funding (up to $250,000 and more) via creative Zero Interest Business Credit Lines. Inc 5000 In 2016, Fund&Grow ranked #2490 in the Inc. 5000 list of America's fastest growing companies. Founded by a real estate investor and former owner of a California based Mortgage brokerage, Fund&Grow now funds thousands of entrepreneurs each year. Fund&Grow has formed many profitable relationships with some of the largest financial institutions, affiliate networks, attorney and financial advisory firms in the country.

Our Mission

Fund&Grow’s main objective is to help small business owners obtain the affordable financing that best fits their needs. Fund&Grow develops relationships for our clients with financial institutions such as Bank of America, Chase, Citi Bank, Elan, American Express and many of the other largest banks in the country to fulfill the clients’ funding needs.

Our Clients

Fund&Grow’s client base consists of small business owners, entrepreneurs, and investors. A large percentage of Fund&Grow’s clients are active real estate investors. The funding program is best suited to anyone who is looking to either start a business or grow their existing ventures. This includes anyone who currently can or cannot obtain a traditional loan, as well as those who would like a safer and more economical alternative to hard money, business payday loans, merchant cash advances and other pricier options. This is because business credit lending underwriting requirements are minimal by comparison and allow a much higher rate of approval at a lower interest rate.

How We Do It

Fund&Grow has been in business since 2007 and has grown exponentially, successfully creating an average of $7M a month in 0% interest business credit for an average of 200 new clients each month. Fund&Grow’s team of financial consultants offers the highest level of customer service. We handle all of the legwork for the client, providing updates and close contact so that the client is not required to do anything other than sign up and agree to work with us.

Our Successes

To date, the Company has raised over $400M in 0% interest business credit funding for our small business clients. Fund&Grow handles all of the time-consuming work of establishing and building business credit for our clients. This includes developing new financial relationships, as well as structuring all legal agreements and authorizations required before beginning the credit building process. When applying for funding, it is important for a business owner to have a good personal credit rating.

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