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How to Combat Inflation’s Effect on Your Small Business

June 17, 2022

In 2022, MetLife and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce conducted a survey that found that 85% of small business owners are concerned about this year's inflation and its effects on their businesses. They have found themselves in a challenging situation since they must try to keep their business expenses from skyrocketing while trying to appease their customers' more frugal spending habits. For...

3 Signs You Need Better Marketing Strategies

February 25, 2021

You’ve put in a lot of time, effort, and resources into your marketing strategies. Your content is innovative and provides immense value. Yet, your audience doesn’t quite engage – instead of positive responses, you receive negative ones – or none at all. What are some of the tell-tale signs that indicate that your marketing efforts are off the track? What can you do about i...

6 Quick Steps To Pandemic Proof Your Business

February 5, 2021

  The pandemic’s hit everyone’s lives both on professional and personal fronts. We all know Covid-19’s not going anywhere anytime soon, so the need of the hour is to adapt to the new normal as quickly as you can. In this short read, we’ll talk about useful and effective ways to pandemic-proof your business and how you can protect it from getting battered. Pivot, don&rs...

Do You Know About These 3 Kinds of Online Credit Card Fraud?

June 13, 2019

More than 40% of businesses revealed that over 5% of their transactions were fraudulent. This may come as a surprise to many, given the fact that it is only recently that EMV cards with embedded chips have been introduced with the aim of reducing credit card fraud. Since security chips make it harder for criminals to use stolen cards in stores, most fraudsters have now migrated online where this ...

How Does Your Credit Score Compare with an Average American Consumer?

June 11, 2019

Most credit card holders are curious to know how their credit scores, or credit card debt, stack up against that of their family, friends or even neighbors. But have you ever wondered how well you measure up against a typical American consumer? Every year, Experian releases a State of Credit survey that can answer quite a few of the questions that you may have. In its 2017 report, the credit inst...

Equifax Website Caught Redirecting Visitors to Fake Flash Updates

November 7, 2017

Of late, the going has been tough for national credit rating bureau, Equifax, as well as its customers - most of us! In September of this year, the company revealed a security breach that took place in May and exposed personal information (Social Security Numbers, names and other details) of around 145.5 million Americans and 15.2 million individuals from the UK. Now the company is in the news ag...


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