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Review: Top 5 Small Business Credit Cards

May 30, 2019

Individuals use credit cards, almost daily, for various purposes – from booking airline tickets to buying groceries. In return, they can take advantage of the many perks that credit cards offer – from cash back and reward points to travel miles. However, few are aware that credit cards can be immensely useful for small businesses, too. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of t...

Why the SBA May Turn You Down – And Alternatives If They Do!

May 9, 2018

Small businesses are usually on the lookout for funds to help them grow. For this purpose, Small Business Administration (SBA) loans can be a remarkably attractive option. Not only do these loans carry lower interest rates and longer repayment terms than most other business loans, but they are also available in a range of sizes and can be used for any purpose – from buying real estate to re...

5 Easy DIY Ways to Consolidate Your Debt

December 14, 2017

Credit cards are a double-edged sword. On one hand, they can tide you over when you are temporarily short on funds. On the other, they can land you into trouble if you get into the habit of swiping mindlessly. If you've racked up large balances on multiple cards, you could have a difficult time paying them off. In this case, you could opt for debt consolidation, a process that will enable you to ...

Scan Your Credit Report to Answer these 3 Important Questions

November 28, 2017

On this blog, we often highlight the importance of checking your credit report at frequent intervals. One of the reasons why scrutinizing your report is essential is that it helps you identify cases of identity theft. Another reason is that by a careful perusal of your report, you can determine whether or not your creditors are accurately reporting your payment history to the credit bureaus. Fina...

7 Times When a Balance Transfer Offer Is Just Not Worth It!

September 5, 2017

There are a lot of tempting balance transfer offers out there, but not all of them will prove to be a good deal for you. Unless you carefully and diligently scrutinize the complete set of terms and conditions, you may find that it’s not you, but your cardholder, who stands to gain from the arrangement. Here are a few examples to illustrate the times when it would be better for you to leave ...

Will Opening a New Account Raise or Lower My Credit Score?

August 8, 2017

Before you open a new credit card, I’m sure there are a number of factors that you take into consideration. Perhaps you really need the increased credit limit or maybe the card offers certain perks that you hope to benefit from. Whatever the reason, before you open an account, there’s something you should know – new accounts can have an impact on your credit score. They can infl...


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