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Need Funds Immediately? Try Merchant Cash Advances
Posted on September 26, 2016

It may happen that the cash flowing in through the sales of your organization is insufficient to meet operational expenses. This can be worrying, especially if the business needs[...]

Get Your Card Issuer to Grant You a Limit Increase! (Here's How)
Posted on September 19, 2016

Most of us, at some time or the other, have used credit cards as a form of funding, especially during a liquidity crunch or when we urgently needed cash for some unforeseen expenditure. However, every once in a while it may happen that the[...]

Can a 10 Point Improvement in Your Score Significantly Lower Your Interest Rate?
Posted on September 13, 2016

Our clients often ask, "By how many points should I improve my credit score in order to get a better interest rate on my loan?" While there is no fixed answer to this question, in many cases, boosting your score by just [...]

Ever feel like you need help to get over a plateau?
Posted on September 8, 2016

I don't know about you, but I run a business, and I go to the gym, so my answer is, YES I DO! Plateaus can be experienced in every aspect of life... And to start or scale a business, as entrepreneurs and Real Estate Investors we can agree we need marketing, and funding to do so.[...]

Even Without a 20% Down Payment, You Can Buy a Home
Posted on September 1, 2016

There is a myth that has been passed down from parents to children and from college professors to students. It goes something like this, "If you want to buy a home, you need to raise 20% as down payment."[...]

Don't Get Confused Between a Charge Card and a Credit Card
Posted on August 30, 2016

A lot of our clients ask us, "What is the difference between a charge card and a credit card?" Both sources of credit have a number of similarities; hence, it is quite natural for consumers to get confused between the two. However, in reality, these credit instruments are quite different from[...]

11 Steps to Ensure that Your Credit Card Remains Free
Posted on August 26, 2016

Despite its many benefits, most consumers shy away from using a credit card because of the high costs and fees associated with them. However, if handled carefully, this piece of plastic can prove to be more of an asset and less a liability. Credit cards not only help you establish credit; they can also assist you in obtaining funds when you need them the most.[...]

How to Increase Your Ability to Get Business Credit Today
Posted on August 23, 2016

Have you ever had to pass up a lucrative business opportunity, or a chance to grow your organization, simply because you weren't able to raise enough funds? If so, you are not alone. This is a dilemma that's regularly faced by many entrepreneurs across the country, and it can give rise to a lot of frustration and helplessness.[...]

Fix Unauthorized Charges ... Before They Ruin Your Finances!
Posted on August 19, 2016

Did you just spot a $550 charge on your statement for an unknown "Rainbow Boot Company" but are unsure how it got there? Unfortunately, unauthorized credit card charges are not as uncommon as you might think – and if they happen to you, they could certainly prove to be a nightmare![...]

Thousands of Real Estate Investors and Business Owners Use This Type of Funding
Posted on August 18, 2016

I have a personal invitation for you: We're going LIVE with Q & A at 2pm Eastern on Wednesday the 24th: >>> Save Your Spot, Click For More Info, Register Now Learn How YOU can Get upwards of $250,000 in Unsecured, Business Credit at 0% Interest for EXTENDED introductory periods of time... ...And How People With Credit[...]