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How Credit Card Refunds Work (And How To Get One Faster)
Posted on April 21, 2020

The layman's explanation of how Credit Card Refunds work, and the fastest way you can get a refund. (And why most take so long)[...]

Why You Don't Want To Put These 6 Things On Your Credit Card!
Posted on April 14, 2020

Most of us use credit cards for almost everything, but these 6 things should never be one of them...[...]

Does The Impact Of Coronavirus Have You Falling Behind On Credit Card Payments? Here are 4 ways to help...
Posted on April 10, 2020

Are you falling behind on your credit card payments? Here's a simple strategy you can apply to turn things around financially. It's a lot easier than you think...[...]

The 4 Critical Factors That Determine Your Credit Card Limit
Posted on April 7, 2020

There are 4 main factors which effect your credit card limits... knowing these points will help keep your credit scores as high as possible. Here's exactly what determines your credit card limit...[...]

Why You Should Make 2 or More Credit Card Payments During the Same Billing Cycle
Posted on March 31, 2020

The payments you make to your credit card company have an impact on your credit score, but what about the frequency of payments to your credit card company? Let's Find Out...[...]

Here is What To Do When a Credit Card Account is Closed Due to Inactivity
Posted on March 26, 2020

Did you know that not using your credit cards can have a negative impact? It may be cancelled due to inactivity. Here's what to do about it...[...]

Why the APR Quoted by Your Credit Card Issuer Is Misleading
Posted on March 10, 2020

We all know that paying your balance your Credit Cards balance before the due date is important... But this quick article shows you exactly why.[...]

7 Useful Things to Do When You Get a New Credit Card
Posted on March 5, 2020

Here are 7 useful things you need to do when you get a new Credit Card to maximize reward points, increase your credit score, and keep your card safe.[...]

Don't Choose Your Credit Card Until You Read This
Posted on March 3, 2020

There's endless options on credit cards to choose nowadays, which makes it hard to know which is right for you... And choosing the wrong card can leave you with far less rewards points, paying more interest, or not improving your credit as fast or as substantially... Read this quick article to discover the 7 simple steps to finding the perfect credit card for you.[...]

This Common Credit Card Mistake Is Dramatically Lowering Your Credit Score
Posted on February 25, 2020

If you're making this mistake with your credit card - you're dramatically lowering your credit score... Read this short article to discover how to avoid it, so that you can keep your credit score nice and high![...]