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A Fast Path to Brand Recognition

July 15, 2021

 In a sea of new products or services making their debut daily, you don’t want your business to get lost in the mix. 

A sure way to avoid your product going unseen is to focus on building the consumer’s ability to recognize your brand. 

Brand recognition is the way that consumers recall and remember your business. There are five stages involved with a consumer’s ability to recognize a brand: 

Brand Rejection: There are negative connotations with your brand, and consumers will avoid your company. 

Brand Non-Recognition: Consumers do not recognize your brand. 

Brand Recognition: Consumers recognize your brand and can tell your company apart from others. 

Brand Preference: When presented with options, consumers will choose yours over someone else’s.  

Brand Loyalty: Will continue to choose your brand even if they have an occasional poor experience.  

Your business may never fall into all these stages and instead may jump from one to another. In most cases, companies will start in the Brand Non-Recognition stage and must work to move forward into the Brand Recognition stage. 

You may be thinking how any of this is relevant to you as a small business that is not too concerned with branding yet. 

The answer is quite simple. Potential customers being able to recognize your business turns into actual customers, which leads to more revenue. 

Here are four tips you can use to increase brand recognition for your business! 

1. Be Consistent Across the Board 

Consistency is key! For most people, consistency in areas such as customer service or packaging orders is prioritized. Yet, most people do not consider consistency in their branding as being important, but it is.  

Even if you are running a new campaign or rebranding, it is important to keep some aspects consistent and identifiable to consumers. 

To do this, you want to think about what the most recognizable parts of your brand or logo are. For example, Coca-Cola is recognizable through its bright red packaging and its specific white font. These two factors remained constant during their ‘Share a Coke’ campaign. 

They changed their packaging, but since they kept the most recognizable parts of their brand apparent, consumers were still able to recognize the product, and sales increased. 

Your logo, color scheme, and fonts should all remain consistent. If your brand’s color is blue for example, do not use a different blue on your website from that you use on your social media platforms. 

Instead, choose a specific hex code, and use that color across all your channels. Not only does it make your brand appear more high quality, but it encourages trust in your brand which then leads to sales. Guaranteed, your customers see the difference.  

Consider Tiffany&Co as an example. You will notice the same shade of blue is on the logo, the jewelry boxes, shopping bags, advertisements, etc.  

What effect does this have? It gives a clean, professional, and luxurious feel to the business. Now imagine if everything was a slightly different shade of blue. 

It would look messy and less professional, which is why Tiffany&Co inherited hex code #0abab5. 

2. Start a Referral Program 

Nowadays, people love the idea of their reputation working for them, and a referral program works like that. 

It allows your loyal customers to become advocates for your business and everyone involved benefits from this.  

Some companies will run their referral program by providing discounts. For example, you may offer a 20% discount for your loyal customer as well as their referral. They get discounted prices, and you make an extra sale! 

Other companies may use referral checks. In this case, the referral purchases the product, and the person who referred them gets a percentage of the sale.  

Fund&Grow has adopted this type of referral program as our own. We run an affiliate program that allows anyone to become an affiliate, and they receive a check for every referral they send that signs up for our program. 

The affiliate obtains a commission, and we can help someone else obtain $50,000-$250,000 in 0% APR business credit. Everyone wins! If you are interested in being a part of our great affiliate program, learn more here 

Both methods are effective in increasing sales while spreading the word about your business making it more recognizable.

3. Get to Know Your Target Personas 

This may seem like a silly exercise, but it is effective. The process of familiarizing yourself with your target persona helps you understand your ideal client and plan how to reach them. 

Here is a short list of some common questions you can ask yourself about your buyer persona: 

  • Where do they work? 
  • What are their hobbies? 
  • What is their income? 
  • What are the sources of conflict in their life? 
  • Where do they live? 

All these questions lead you to your ideal customer. You can then plan how to reach them once you have a clear idea of who you are trying to reach. 

You can target ads on websites they visit rather than wasting time and money on ads in places they will never see.

4. Tell Your Brand Story 

The stories we tell connect and resonate with people, so use your brand story to draw people in. You can post this story on your website, or make a post about it on social media, but sharing your narrative will help your brand relate to your audience. 

You can share a story about why you started the business or a story of the creation of the business. 

Under Armour is an example of this strategy in practice. They tell their story about the business, starting with the mission of creating a t-shirt that helped with compression, regulating body temperature, and enhancing performance. They explain their current mission is to make all athletes better through characteristics like passion and the relentless pursuit of innovation. 

Despite how young your business is, it is never too early to build recognition for your brand. Enhancing a consumer’s ability to remember your brand will help boost your reach, and the sales will increase as well. 

Regardless of the stage of brand recognition, you are in, these tips will help you move forward and create a loyalty that will keep your customers coming back time and time again.  

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