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5 Long-Term Strategies to Improve Online Lead Generation

July 8, 2021

Business owners find themselves constantly looking for new ways to generate leads and improve their system that creates a steady influx of customers.   

With the shifting landscapes of work, school, and business operations it's important to refresh lead generating techniques and stay up to date with market-relevant approaches.  

In the end, however, it is not enough to just create short-term lead generation and level out afterward. Developing long-lasting lead generation techniques will be crucial to create a steady flow of sales.  

Unlike short-term lead generation, long-term lead generation affects the larger picture of your marketing techniques and shapes the direction of your business.   

To get started when generating leads, it's important to understand who your target audience is and to define what counts as a lead, for accurate data on the success of each strategy.  

From there, we have picked out 5 sustainable lead generation strategies that will serve your business in the long run. 

1. Rethink Your Content Creation 

Creating relevant content as a business is purposed to drive traffic to your business website and generate leads. Typical content creation advice will insist on focusing on SEO and backlinking as the top priority for success with published content.   

But what about the quality of the content marketing that your company is pushing?   

Publishing content based on 'relevant industry topics' that anyone can write will not generate an outstanding number of leads that turn into sales. Consumers can easily see through the CTA from a generic content piece that has no customize characteristics.   

Generic content makes your website look lackluster rather than inspirational, brand-specific, and in-tune with the consumer.   

Re-think your content marketing strategy and start by asking the question, “Will this piece of content help my customers reach their goals?”   

When developing content- whether it is a blog article, newsletter, YouTube video, eBook, or Webinar provide a continuous source of relevant industry-specific information that is unique to your brand perspective.  

Instead of a general content topic, it's important to focus on specific case studies based on past clients, executive's perspectives, and customer needs.   

Anyone who visits your website should view your content as an endless wealth of knowledge with how-to's, downloadable content, and guides that create value rather than a simple push towards a CTA at the end of the post or video. 

2. Integrate Live Chat 

Live Chat isn't just for existing clients who need customer service.   

Using live chat for lead generation will boost revenue and give you an edge over your competitors. According to the American Marketing Association, B2B companies see a 20% increase in lead conversions when live chat features are involved.  

Integrating live chat as a part of your company lead generation will allow online consumers that have questions answered by a live person and continue engagement with your brand rather than creating a barrier with the need to contact customer service via email or phone call.   

While call queues are extremely useful, they have slower connection times whereas live chat allows leads to connect with a sales representative in real-time.  

Additionally, it will help build trust with buyers by having contact with a representative before making a purchase. This will reduce buyer's remorse for those who become a lead and make a purchase but change their mind.

3. Customize Cold Emails 

Since most of us check our emails regularly, cold emails are an excellent way to reach potential customers. Personalized emails are essential to reel in responses and generate leads. 

Prospects will turn away from generic mass emails; personalized emails deliver 6 times higher transaction rates.  

Make sure you are personalizing your email message by including your target's name, slowly introducing your business model, rather than jumping to the pitch, and adopt friendly language that creates curiosity. 

Additionally, short but creative subject lines will attract the attention of consumers who are opening emails on their mobile devices.  

Since 85% of users have smartphones to access email, it's important to capture your audience quickly and efficiently with an engaging subject line.   

Maintain an ongoing audit of your email techniques and keep developing strategies for converting your leads into sales.

4. Focus on Social Media Lead Conversion 

Simply existing on social media is not enough to make waves for the average consumer. How you approach social media is an imperative puzzle piece for long-term lead generation.   

First, make sure you have a strong profile that draws attention to your value as a business while utilizing strong brand imagery, links to web pages, and maintains cohesion throughout all platforms.  

Optimize your call-to-action modules and ensure that sign-up buttons have working links and are easy to navigate.  

If your lead cannot easily navigate your platform and join your mailing list, or book an appointment, your platform needs adjusting.  

Always make sure your accounts are active and respond to comments to connect with your intended audience. Engage with users who repost your content, respond to questions in the comments section, and cultivate conversations to increase the odds of converting users to leads.  

Streamlining social media practices will boost your lead generating opportunities by creating a better interaction rate and engagement ratio. 

5.Retarget Previous Clients 

If you are not doing it already, make sure to have a specific strategy to retarget people who have already purchased your product or service.   

This is a demographic of people who already understand the utility of your company and experienced your business firsthand.  

According to Consumer Loyalty Statistics, 65% of a company’s business comes from existing customers, so it is safe to say returning customers is a huge pool of potential leads.  

Retarget past clients with the same messaging used the first time will not be strong enough to push towards re-engagement.   

Create an email campaign that goes beyond introductions and leverages value that will incentivize your audience with key factors that sell your brand.  

Develop an engaging pitch that communicates new aspects of your brand, stirs curiosity to pique the interest of your target audience, or provide a discount based on customer loyalty.   

In the long run, retargeting clients will provide you with a cost-effective method of sourcing leads that will convert to sales. 

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