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6 Best Practices to Keep Your Online Purchases Safe
Posted on January 10, 2017

Don't risk becoming a victim of fraud when shopping online[...]

5 Reasons Why You Absolutely Must Pay More than the Minimum Due Each Month
Posted on December 27, 2016

Carrying high balances from month to month and only making minimum payments costs you more money in the long run. [...]

Automate Your Card Payments, Simplify Your Life!
Posted on November 3, 2016

Given the hectic pace of life, we sometimes get caught up in the moment and forget to accomplish important tasks on our to-do lists. There are certain errands that you can probably postpone for week or two without incurring too many problems. However, there are others for which even a one-day delay can prove to be[...]

How to Build a Great PAYDEX Score
Posted on November 1, 2016

You may be familiar with the concept of a personal credit score, but did you know that your business can have a credit score too? Business credit scores are generally used by lenders to evaluate the credit worthiness of an organization. If your company has a good business credit score, it can qualify not only [...]

Credit Cards: Trick or Treat?
Posted on October 29, 2016

With Halloween just around the corner, let's talk about something that many people fear – a credit card. This piece of plastic can prove to be a double-edged (four-sided?) sword. While credit cards have their benefits, they certainly have a scary side too. TRICK Here are some reasons why people dread credit cards: Overspending Fears:[...]

6 Surprising Reasons Why a Credit Card Issuer Will Close Your Account
Posted on October 25, 2016

Not many people are aware that a credit card company can cancel a card issued by it at any time, without giving any prior warning to the consumer. This can beNot many people are aware that a credit card company can cancel a card issued by it at any time, without giving any prior warning to the consumer. This can be very inconvenient, especially if you find out just when you’re trying to make a payment with the card. Here are a few reasons why [...]

6 Consumer Credit Protection Laws You'll Wish You'd Known About!
Posted on October 20, 2016

Did you ever have a time when, as a child, your dreadful neighborhood bully was about to accost you, but your elder brother or sister appeared just in time to rescue you? Just as your older sibling acted as a savior when you were[...]

5 Things to Consider Before Applying for a Mortgage
Posted on October 18, 2016

Even in this day and age, an important part of the American Dream involves owning your own home. In fact, for many citizens of the country, home ownership is synonymous with economic certainty. But in order to achieve this significant milestone, individuals have to first apply and get approved for a mortgage. Most people think that [...]

Don't Be Afraid of a Credit Check
Posted on October 12, 2016

The mere mention of a visit to the dentist is enough to make a fully grown person cower. But do you know what's even more frightening for some? The notion of a credit check. However, as is the case with most experiences, it's scary only if you don’t have a clear idea regarding what it’s all about. [...]

Close Your Credit Card in 5 Simple Steps
Posted on October 4, 2016

On our blog, we've often talked about the advantages that a credit card has to offer, as well as the ways in which you can benefit by simply owning a card and using it at regular intervals. A credit card not only allows you to build your[...]