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Tools to Choose the Best Credit Card for You

February 1, 2016

Money Debt Worries, Attractive Young Woman Holding Credit CardsNot so long ago, if you wanted the solution to a certain problem, or an answer to a particular question, you had to either hunt for an expert on the subject or access the nearest library. While traveling to a new place for a vacation, you probably had to ask people who’d already been there about the best places to eat. In order to decide on an appropriate photocopy machine for your office, you might have had to rely on the opinion of the equipment seller. However, with the advent of the Internet?, the answers to most questions are now just a click away.

And that includes any queries that you may have with respect to credit cards!

Considering the large number of features and characteristics that most credit cards come with these days, selecting one that is most appropriate for you can be a real chore. While there are various perks to choose from, such as reward schemes, travel insurance, and concierge services, there are also a number of costs to consider, including joining and annual fees, interest rates, late payment charges and services taxes.

So how do you find the best credit card for you? Various websites, such as,,, and, provide a facility for finding the best cards to fit your needs. By plugging in your desired specifications, you can get the website to comb the universe of available credit cards to match your needs with the best deals.

While using a comparison website, here’s a basic formula to follow.

  1. First, identify the features that you are looking for in a credit card, such as an enticing introductory offer, a low-interest rate, no fees, mileage points and/or cash back offers.
  2. Then, shop around by going directly to providers’ websites and/or comparison websites.
  3. Compare the key features and, based on your search, and make a list of the top results.
  4. Get more details on the top one or two results by reading the relevant product disclosure statements and any other documents that outline the features and fees.
  5. Once you’ve made your decision, contact the provider to see how to apply or invest.
  6. Ensure that you ask lots of questions until you feel completely informed.

While using comparison websites, you must remember a few things. Some of the recommended credit cards may be among those that have been sponsored or ones that pay the site a commission for every conversion. In addition, most comparison sites only cover a portion of the market, and not the whole market. There may be outdated information on the site, and ratings and rankings may be allotted without a clear explanation. In such cases, ensure you find out how the ratings work and compare with other sites.

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Ari Page Ari Page is the CEO of Fund&Grow. He resides in Spring Hill, Florida with his wife and two children.

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