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Team Building Ideas for Your Business

October 17, 2022

Workplace culture: The environment which influences how your team feels while working for your company. It separates your business from another and plays a massive role in employee retention and productivity. A positive workplace culture nurtures creativity and helps your team feel part of something bigger than their role alone – but together. In addition to general leadership empathy, inclusion, and transparency, you should implement unique techniques to keep your employees content and thriving. Read on for an array of team-building initiatives to spark ideas for your business.

In-Office: If your team works at a physical office regularly, it can be easy to fall into the static, everyday, go-with-the-flow life. Clock in, work, lunch break, work, clock out… The consistency and focus of the work environment are positive, but it can be draining and lead to burnout with too much repetition. 

  1. Create a regular “casual” gathering in a conference room. This is similar to a meeting, except it’s fun, light-hearted, and should be encouraged as a time to unwind and allow everyone to contribute. However, just because it’s fun doesn’t mean it can’t be productive. You can use these gatherings to help discuss business decisions, and involving everyone together can bring new perspectives and promote enhanced teamwork.

  2. Keep ongoing activities available that can be utilized during breaks. Set up a table in the breakroom with activities such as company-themed games (such as crossword puzzles and mad libs) or sign-up adventures such as prize-winning scavenger hunts, office fitness challenges, or a gift card swap. These activities ensure your team engages with their peers and has something fun to do while on break.

  3. Bring in coffee or doughnuts as a surprise. Planned team-building activities are great, but what could inspire more smiles around the office than a surprise order of coffee and doughnuts? Sometimes, the tried and true ideas are the ones that show you care. 

  4. Dress up the office for holidays big and small. New Year? Halloween? Employee Appreciation Day? These are all opportunities to celebrate together. Consider hosting a party during or outside work or simply creating a designated area that employees can enjoy during breaks. Encourage employees to dress up if the work permits, and allow your team to mingle with activities appropriate to each theme.


Outings: Looking to switch things up from the usual routine? Host an event outside of the office – meet while out and about. This is a great way to get to know your team as individual people.

  1. Make reservations at a restaurant or host a company picnic. Everyone loves to bond over food. Depending on the size of your company, you can bring your team out to lunch or dinner or host a larger picnic or potluck. The positive side of a smaller restaurant gathering is that it allows the opportunity to discuss work. In fact, meeting at a local cafe and reserving a large booth or back room can be a great way to get the creativity flowing for specific projects. A picnic is terrific for inspiring fun and team longevity – bonus points if families can join.

  2. Come together for a scheduled non-work activity. When done occasionally, bringing the team out for casual, no-work-attached excitement can help people bond – especially as a celebration after a big win or a challenging project. Reserve a group exercise activity such as Zumba, cycling, games such as bowling, or an escape room.

  3. Join a community service event. Companies that give together grow together. There are many directions of community service: Volunteering at a food bank, creating cards for veterans, putting together toys for shelter animals, signing up for a walk or run for disease awareness… The opportunities are endless. Find an event that speaks true to your business’s ethics – or allow your team to vote where they would like to volunteer. Sign up together and make a difference.

  4. Invest in your team’s professional development. Many workshops, speeches, expos, and conferences are available throughout the year. These events offer fantastic networking and professional development opportunities, with some even offering credits and classes in areas your employees would benefit from. Plus, it provides excellent marketing for your business: win-win!


Remote: Is your team fully or partially remote? Team building is just as important and can help employees feel more connected to your business. 

  1. Important: You can host the same games and activities virtually as you can in-office. Yes, really! An array of programs and applications assist in managing team-building games online. Groups, newsletters, and emails can also be utilized for announcements and coordinating ideas. Virtual meetings, online challenges, coffee & doughnuts, and more offer connection and encouragement even from afar.

  2. Are you using a remote messaging service such as Slack? Create a fun “water cooler” channel just for conversation. Encourage everyone to join in the conversation by coming up with a weekly prompt to get everyone talking – such as sharing an image of their workspace, pets, or morning coffee. Remote workplaces still require a nurtured culture.

  3. Host a virtual thought-sharing meeting or special event with breakout rooms. Are you looking for ideas from your colleagues? Set up a virtual meeting and let everyone share their unique perspectives on upcoming projects and initiatives. Additionally, holidays offer a great reason to “party” virtually – to set up an event and host breakout rooms where employees can mingle, problem solve, or collaborate.


Team building activities are imperative for improving workplace morale and showcasing your appreciation for your employees as a team and individually. However, team building should not only be top-of-mind during special occasions but should be a part of your daily routine. Initiatives for consistent team motivation include:

  • Inviting team members to collaborate in larger decisions. You never know who may be able to spark inspiration for a helpful plan of action. When making decisions for the company, workplace, and team, involving the team members can show that you genuinely care what they think – and can benefit you as well.

  • Investing in a break room that supports what your employees want and need. The break room is their place to unwind and fuel up before returning to work. Therefore, it should be a place of comfort. Many companies have started implementing a “built-up” break room as a workplace benefit, including couches, a snack bar, and even television and games. If you have enough space to work with, a portion of the break room can also be used as a collaboration area to focus on projects away from the distraction of work computers. Not all offices need to look the same! Consider what your employees need to get the job done – happily.

  • Avoiding micromanaging. You hired your team for a reason: As long as the work is completed and done efficiently, do not become the manager who is constantly looking over their shoulders or calculating how much time is spent on bathroom breaks. Everyone works differently. Trust them and trust your ability to hire. The workplace environment is much more at ease when setting an example.

Are you ready to work on your team-building plan? Set goals, implement changes, and then remember to ask your employees how they feel. Which activities do they enjoy? Are they able to voice opinions openly? What office items could they benefit from for enhanced productivity? Transform your workplace into a place where your team can thrive.


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