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How to Start a Food Truck Business with Business Credit

November 5, 2021

For the food-loving entrepreneurs who desire more freedom and mobility than a brick-and-mortar restaurant allows, a food truck is perfect for you!

The multibillion-dollar industry has experienced a 7.5% growth since 2016, and there are no signs of it slowing down any time soon.

The health and fire regulations involved in running a food truck business demand extensive planning and preparation.

Additionally, it requires an average of $55,000 to start the business, discouraging many from taking action. However, business credit allows you to launch a food truck business with little to no cash on hand!

With a bit of planning, you’ll have your food truck up and running in no time.


Any business requires planning, but a food truck business needs much more than most people realize.

There are several expenses to plan for in addition to the truck itself, including insurance, cost of inventory, payment processing, permits, licensing, modifications to meet health and fire regulations, and more.

The good news is, you don’t have to exhaust your cash on hand to pay for these expenses and instead can use an unsecured business card with a zero-interest introductory offer.

In addition to the start-up costs, a legal structure must also be in place. A business attorney or online legal service would be able to help you sort through what business structure would best suit you, whether it is a sole proprietorship, partnership, or limited liability company (LLC).

Opening a business bank account is also advisable since it is the first step in separating your business and personal expenses, which will become even more essential as the business grows.

Acquire documents and register the business

There will be many documents required for starting the business and maintaining operations.

Some will include permits, licenses, Board of Health proofs of inspection, proof of vehicle ownership and identification, Employee Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS, and employee mobile food badges.

Acquiring some of these documents can take time, so it’s essential to plan ahead. For example, it takes four months to get an employee mobile food badge, so hiring your employees ahead of time will ensure they have the badge before helping you out with the truck.

A $1,000 fine will be issued to anyone caught working without this badge.


Once you have all the required documents, you can work on the truck’s operations.

You may want to plan where to park your truck and make a schedule to share on your website and social media so your customers always know where they can find your delicious treats.

Additionally, consider how you will market your truck’s grand opening. A great way to gain a customer base when starting is to park at or near a local event that will guarantee many people get exposed to your product.

Before you can get your business started, one of the most significant expenses you will have is the food truck itself.

How to find food trucks for sale

There are a few places you can search for the perfect food truck. You can buy second-hand trucks from local and national online classifieds, or you can invest in a brand-new, custom food truck.

Either way, the truck will likely have to be wrapped to reflect your brand and attract customers.

A food truck can cost anywhere from $20,000 to $40,000 or even more. Once you add in any modifications to meet regulations and start-up costs, you may find yourself needing $28,000 to $114,000 to launch your business.

Luckily, these funds are not coming out of your cash savings since you use business credit for the entire project.

It’s a lengthy process to start a food truck business with many moving parts and regulations to avoid being shut down, so accessing the business credit to fund the whole project could be one less worry.

Fund&Grow has been getting business owners and entrepreneurs the funding they need to launch or scale their businesses since 2007. With over 29,000 businesses funded and over $1 billion in business credit obtained for our clients so far, we are helping more entrepreneurs discover a better way to fuel their businesses every day.

You can use business credit for all the start-up costs and the purchase of the food truck itself to keep your cash in the bank, allowing cash flow to generate and fund the project on the backend.

The best part is, these business cards have an average of 12-18 months of zero interest offers, but with Fund&Grow’s credit stacking strategy, you stay at zero interest long-term.

Whether you are looking to start your food truck business from scratch or already have one established but looking to scale, Fund&Grow can get you up to $250,000 of unsecured business credit to fund the whole project.

Give our Business Development Team a call today at 800-996-0270 EXT 1 to learn more.

A lot of planning is required to start a food truck business.

From start-up costs and the business structure to unexpected expenses and everyday operations, there is a lot to consider and plan ahead to ensure your business runs smoothly.

With Fund&Grow by your side taking care of the funding, you can spend more time preparing for your food truck to be a big hit!


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