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The Importance of Sales Email Follow Ups

November 14, 2022

If you communicate through text or email, you’ve likely had conversations where a friend or family member suddenly drops off the subject. Likewise, you’ve also probably had a similar interaction with businesses and simply not realized it. Can you think back to a company you have been interested in but did not follow through with communication?

If you can even remember the business, that’s fantastic proof of a good memory on your part, but it also leaves you with a bad viewpoint of the company overall. Additionally, there’s a chance you cannot even recall the many businesses that could have secured you as a customer but dropped the ball by lacking proper follow-up communication. In your professional practices, avoid making the same mistake. Read on for three reasons why you should always follow up with past, present, and potential customers.

  1. Stay top-of-mind. People are busy – and it’s important to remember that you are thinking about your business and the many incredible ways it can benefit others at all times. However, you may be an occasional passing thought to someone else. Bring those thoughts from occasional to much more often by sending a series of emails through their inbox. For example, imagine someone visits your website and signs up with an email but abandons a purchase at checkout or does not fully commit to the CTA. You should have an automated series of emails (for example, once weekly or monthly) to remind them of your existence and their interest gently. This is where you can also leverage coupons to keep them opening more emails and keep the conversation rolling.
  1. Entertain and educate. Not every follow-up email has to be sales-heavy. You do not only want to establish your business as a place where the customer will spend money but also where they will be a part of something bigger: a brand, a blog, or a community. As part of a series of emails, provide information for free. Be humorous, casual, and helpful. After all, your business is there for a reason and is responding to a need. Give a little to get a lot back in return.
  1. Provide more details than first seen on your website. In modern times, the front page of a website is crisp and clean – focusing on imagery and keywords to draw people in. If done effectively, your audience should still understand what you sell in as few words as possible. However, a follow-up email can be a great way to begin the conversation to address the specific needs of each potential or returning customer. Additionally, you can use follow-up emails to upsell and showcase more products or services that may not be initially visible on the website.

Quick tips:

  • Keep sales emails short and sweet.
  • Subject lines should be personable and attention-grabbing, typically with a question.
  • Ensure the language is casual yet professional – and avoid overexplaining.
  • Consider writing the email from an individual, first-person point of view when possible.
  • Don’t forget to include a CTA.


Follow-up email example:

Subject - 

Are you ready, [FIRST NAME]?

Email -

Hey [FIRST NAME]! I noticed you were browsing our site and decided to sign up for our monthly newsletter. I hope you enjoy it because it has a lot of great information. In addition to that, I wanted to check in and see if you were ready to take the plunge and schedule a consultation call with me. I’d love to answer any questions you have.


Go ahead and check out what days and times work for you on my calendar: [LINK]


Looking forward to speaking with you!




Overall, email follow-ups are a crucial aspect of sales and should be a top priority in your business strategy. It is a form of marketing that showcases your ability to communicate effectively and remain available to your customers – setting your company apart from the rest.

I take tremendous pride in building positive and lasting relationships in my businesses and personal life. Every member of my team is committed to helping our clients get the maximum amount of funding possible and achieve their highest growth potential.

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