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3 Inexpensive Press Coverage Tips for your Small Business

June 3, 2021

Creating a buzz around your business is a great way to gain brand recognition and generate more leads and sales. However, the competitive nature of media coverage makes it difficult for people to take notice of an up-and-coming business. What can you do to get yourself noticed by the press and get your business on the radar for prospects in 2021?   

We’ve lined up some ultra-simple ways in which you can quickly garner media attention and gain recognition and connection to prospects.

1.Contact relevant journalists and editors 

Before you can get journalists to cover your story, you need to build good relationships with them. After all, once you are friends, they are more likely to believe that your story is worth covering. 

How do you build relationships with journalists? Follow writers and editors on social media sites like Twitter and interact with them regularly. 

Share or retweet their posts, leave comments or even share a story or two. Build a rapport so that when you eventually approach them with your story, they’ll recognize you and will be willing to lend their ear. 

There are also various tools you can use to identify writers and journalists who specialize in your niche. Some of these are:  

  • Help a Reporter Out where journalists submit requests and brands revert by presenting their pitch. 
  • Pressfarm where you can find the contact information and social media profile details of hundreds of journalists. 
  • Profnet aims to connect journalists with expert sources. Content sourced from ProfNet is often used on government websites so you can try your luck here if you want authoritative backlinks for your site. 

Taking the time to find the correct journalists who are interested in writing about subjects related to your industry is the best way to set the stage and pitch your brand for a featured article.  

Only reach out to writers and editors who specialize in subject matter that has to do with your industry. Narrow down your target editors and reach out to them with specific emails. 

Most publications designate specific writers for individual assignments and topics.  

If you choose to email someone who is off the topic of what that journalist or writer is interested in, your email can quickly land in their trash bin. Create unique and direct emails that pitch ideas, as for opinions, and express knowledge and understanding as an industry leader.

2.Use press releases 

When done right, a unique press release can gain traction and attract the right audience. 

It’s most important that your release engages your readers – so, create an attractive headline and an interesting story that will reel your audience in.  

Usually, organizations issue press releases when they develop a new product, receive awards or hold events in their community.  

But if you really want to attract attention, it is not enough to highlight a new avenue of your business. You need to display how your brand is an industry disrupter, how it is innovative and different from any other business in your industry to get real attention.  

Create a narrative that describes a radical leadership decision, innovative management technique, or a creative business management decision that tells a unique story to the reader. 

When writing a press release make sure to clearly define the newsworthy topic upfront, and then elaborate. Choose an eye-catching headline, and make sure to use less instead of more. 

Write accurately and concisely with language that stands out, includes quotes from high-level employees or industry experts, and a strong call-to-action upon closing. 

Some of the popular free services you can use for issuing press releases are PR.com and 24-7pressrelease.com.

3.Host events, attend networking events or give back to the local community 

Start local to get global is the mantra here.  

Do some research to find out if events related to your niche are being conducted in your local area. Or you can simply host one yourself.  

Set up a booth at these events and print professional leaflets to hand around. Chances are, the local press would be interested in covering these events, so you can get media coverage for your organization easily. 

Make sure to take part in Masterminds and industry events you know media outlets will cover. Research what networking events the media is likely to attend and make it a point to introduce yourself to media contacts at these events. 

Have a business card and an attractive pitch – tell them if they ever need an expert in your field, you can help. 

Make sure you follow up later with an email or a phone call to continue your line of communication.  

Finally, consider giving back to the local community – this is a great way to attract media attention. Participate in local community events to build rapport with those who live in your immediate area.  

Volunteering, participating in local events, supporting the school, or charities or raise money to give back is a great way to gain community support while drawing interest with philanthropy. 

Even something as small as providing jerseys to the local soccer team can create awareness of your business. 

Using these three inexpensive ways to get media coverage, your business will reap the benefits of brand awareness, credibility, and sales.  

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