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10 Easy Tips to Make Your Ads More Impactful

October 29, 2021

5.3 trillion ads are shown online every year, so standing out is essential to its success.

Ad design is vital because it will help you stand out in a digital world cluttered with information.

By creating impactful ads, you show your customers why they should choose your product or service over other options, and following these ten tips will help your ads have the desired effect on your audience.

  1. Use a powerful headline

Five times as many people read headlines as reading copy, so headlines must be compelling to invite anyone to read the content.

Spend time perfecting your headline to ensure it is powerful and encourages your reader to read on.

Use bold words and colors to draw attention from your audience since they will likely be scanning the page until their eye lands on your impactful headline.

  1. Talk about the benefits - not just the product or service

Present your product or service, but do not forget to explain why your audience should care about it by revealing the benefit behind their purchase.

List out all your services or products and everything they will accomplish. Then, list out how the result of each feature benefits your customer and include that in your ad.

For example, Fund&Grow’s service generates funding through business credit to help entrepreneurs start or grow their businesses. A feature of this service would be zero interest during the introductory period, which benefits our clients by funding their business without spending thousands in interest like they would with standard lending options.

Since one of Fund&Grow's benefits is saving thousands in interest, we mention that in our ads.

Your ad design needs reworking if you cannot identify why you should care about your ad as a consumer.

  1. Decrease risk

People are very protective over their money, so reducing fear by making your offer as risk-free as possible will help your audience feel comfortable buying your product or working with you.

Consider Fund&Grow’s 60 Day risk-free guarantee and payment options. It helps people feel comfortable knowing they do not have to pay the amount in full at once and have a way to get their money back if they are not satisfied.

It also shows you are confident enough in your product to give consumers a risk-free guarantee and that your service is worthwhile.

  1. Include a call-to-action in every ad

Although an ad should explain what you have to offer, it is not effective without encouraging your audience to act.

The call-to-action (CTA) can be as simple as clicking a button to visit your website, schedule a consultation, or order your product.

Entice your audience to act in the way you want them to by using powerful words and persuasive language.

  1. Increase urgency

Someone could have every intention of following the CTA, but if they forget due to a lack of urgency, that may never happen, and you may lose out on a paying customer.

They will be more likely to take the deal now if there is a sense of urgency, and they believe the offer will only last for a limited amount of time.

Businesses across all industries use this strategy daily. Consider clothing brands stating a sale will only last for twenty-four hours. Those who enjoy that brand will shop right away to avoid missing out on the sale.

  1. Use testimonials.

In a world where leads consider the reviews of people who have used a service or product before purchasing for themselves, testimonials are essential to closing a sale.

It builds trust and interest in the product or service and shows potential customers that others have worked with you or bought from you and were satisfied with their purchase.

Rather than making your target audience search for testimonials, add a couple into your ad to make it readily available for them.

  1. Tap into emotions

University of Southern California research indicates that 31% of their successful advertising campaigns evoke an emotional response from audiences, compared to only 17% from rational content.

Consider using sentimental images that reflect nostalgic memories, make them laugh, or sparks passion.

In addition to the content, the colors used can evoke emotion from your audience. Red, for example, tends to evoke feelings of love, energy, and appetite. Considering this, it is no surprise that many restaurants use red advertising or logos to gain customers.

  1. Have a narrative

Storytelling is a natural way to capture attention, so if you can incorporate a story into your campaign, it is most likely to produce results.

The human brain processes images sixty times faster than words, so if you can use an image instead of text, do so.

Don’t overthink the story you are telling. It can be as simple as someone’s day going poor until they have a bite of your famous sandwich and their day turns around for the better.

  1. Add a border to your CTA

Artists frame their paintings or photographs to draw in focus from the audience, and you can do the same with your CTA.

By placing a border around it, the CTA stands out and draws the eye towards the desired action increasing the chance they will act.

  1. Don’t throw everything but the kitchen sink at your ad

The design should be harmonious to make it visually appealing.

You will not draw attention to the ad if you overuse images, words, or bright colors.

All elements of the ad should come together rather than fight each other for attention.

Every element should have a specific purpose, and if you cannot explain the reason behind an image or a color, it should not have a place in the ad.

A great way to gauge the effectiveness of your ads is to look at them from the view of the consumer and ask yourself if the ad would draw you in. If you would not give your time to it, others likely feel the same way.

By implementing these tips into your ad design, you will help avoid getting lost in the crowd, in turn multiplying your conversion rate and revenue.

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