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5 Things to Look for in a Business Credit Card

July 22, 2021

Is your business credit card paying you for using it? If it isn't, it should be. 

There is more to gain from a business credit card than just the approved credit limit and what you can buy with it. It is easy to get caught up focusing on the credit limit and forget to check all the great perks that come with it. 

Next time you apply for a business credit card, be sure to check out these five things before you accept the offer.

1. Cash back 

Cash back is the easiest way to get paid for using your business credit card. Just by using your credit card for the purchase, you will receive a percentage back.  

You typically will receive cash back through three different methods: a statement credit, a deposit to your bank account, or a mailed check.  

Choosing the best cash back card for you can be overwhelming. When deciding, you want to take time to consider your spending habits and lifestyle.

If you have a family and spend a significant amount of money at the supermarket regularly, you will want to focus on a high percentage of cash back being on grocery store purchases. If you are single and tend to eat out more often than cooking at home, you want to focus on a card that has a higher percentage for restaurants.  

By considering your spending habits and lifestyle when deciding which cash back card is best for you, you are making money by spending no more than what you would be spending anyway.

2. Rewards 

In addition to earning cash back, your credit card may offer rewards. The business card rewards program allows you to earn points on purchases towards items such as airline miles or gift cards. 

If your bank offers, you can redeem your points for items listed in their catalog 

If you and your employees travel a lot, a card that offers a suitable number of points for airline miles would be the perfect rewards card for you! If you are an infrequent traveler, accumulating airline miles would be a waste of points you could have redeemed for something else.  

Regardless of which card you select and what type of rewards it offers, be sure to read how they work carefully.

You also will want to be aware of different reward levels based on the type of purchase you are making. For example, you may receive a different number of points for a gas purchase than a retail store purchase.  

3. Introductory Perks 

When applying for a new business credit card, you will be offered perks as part of opening a new card with the bank. While the duration of the perks can vary, they tend to include 0% APR (Annual Percentage Rate), zero-interest balance transfers, and credit card bonuses. 

Some cards have all three of these benefits, but it is essential to decide what would benefit your business most when deciding which card is best for you.  

A card with 0% interest on balance transfers is ideal if you have a large balance on another credit card that accrues a lot of interest monthly.

If the card also has a 0% APR introductory offer, that would be even more helpful to save you money that you are paying monthly on interest.

4. Annual Fees 

You may be able to score some great benefits with a business credit card that has an annual fee.   

Before getting too excited about the perks, it is vital to make sure the fee makes sense for your finances and will not put you further into debt.  

Additionally, you want to make sure the rewards make sense for you. Paying the fee will not benefit you if you don't use the perks. For instance, if you have an annual fee for a credit card that offers two airline miles for every dollar spent on it but never travel, the miles and the fee have no value to you.

You may be too busy with work and family to have time to travel, in which case a card with an annual fee that has perks relating to restaurants, gas, and higher cashback rewards may be better suited for you. 

The bonuses you are paying for can include higher cashback rewards on gas and restaurants, airport lounge access, credit towards stores or take-out services, and even rental car/cellphone insurance coverage.  

5. APR 

The interest rate for your business card could be a make or break for your finances, so it is vital to consider your spending habits before accepting any offers. 

Consider how you spend your money, the amount you spend, and your ability to make payments towards the balance.  

If you tend to carry a balance month to month, prioritize a lower interest rate especially at the end of any kind of 0% APR introductory offers. 

On the condition that you have a habit of paying the balance in full within the billing cycle, you can prioritize cards with extended grace periods of no interest and more rewards.  

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