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12 Tips for Boosting Engagement on Social Media

October 22, 2021

Social media can be a powerful tool to boost brand awareness and improve conversions, but engagement is crucial to social media success.

Using social media to market your business has become a necessity, and those who follow your brand do so because they trust and enjoy it. 

If you are not receiving the engagement from your audience that you would like to, it is likely time to refresh your strategy.

By implementing these simple tips to your social media routine, you can boost engagement from your audience and increase conversions leading to an influx in revenue.


What is social media engagement?

Engaging on social media involves many actions but fits into four general categories: page interactions, post interactions, direct messages, and other page interactions.

Page interaction includes button, profile, and tab clicks, whereas post interactions cover likes, comments, and shares.

Other page interactions are geared towards mentions on your page and commenting on similar pages, and then, of course, you have direct messages from your audience in your message inbox.

There are various ways to boost engagement in all these areas but finding what works best with your brand is essential.


  1. Talk about your niche (not just the brand)

Constantly posting your brand exclusively can come off as pushy and salesy. People are on social media to be entertained more than sold, so pushing your brand too hard can cause your followers to unfollow your page.

Instead, join groups in your forum to get an idea of the conversation, and post content centered around your industry. You can also share small tips and tricks within your industry.

For example, the Fund&Grow pages are typically motivational for entrepreneurs and give updates on what is going on within the company.


  1. Make posts visual

Nothing is enticing about an all-text post. Instead, try to convey the same message with an image or video.

Visual content, like videos and images, is the most effective way to encourage a response from your audience.

You can even post a gif to cater to those who scroll right by all-text posts that do nothing to catch their attention.


  1. Post frequently

Maintaining activity on social media is vital when trying to boost engagement.

Figure out when your audience is most active, and tailor your post schedule to match when most people are online.

Posting up to three times a day is recommended to give your audience multiple chances to see and interact with your content.


  1. Optimize your captions

After grabbing their attention with a visual, the next thing to consider is the quality of your caption.

It should be honest and attention-grabbing while relating to your audience. Until you find the captions that are most appealing to your audience, you will need to experiment.

If you are unsure where to start, you can view other pages with high engagement, see what works for them, and tweak it to suit your platform and audience.


  1. Add relevant hashtags

Hashtags help keywords stand out and track discussions centered around specific topics.

It makes content more viewable to those searching for a topic and creates an opportunity to attract new users to your page.

For Fund&Grow’s posts, our hashtags center around our industry, so we will use #businesscredit or #smallbusiness to reach our target audience.


  1. Feature fans and customers

Featuring your audience is a win-win for all involved. You gain a brand advocate, and they feel valued and appreciated by being posted on your page.

Many companies will create a hashtag exclusive to their features to help group them and make them more searchable.


  1. Use Emojis

Emoticons increase social engagement since it inserts a sense of emotion into text.

Different emojis will stir up various emotions within your audience. By using emojis within your text, you can make them feel something, leading to increases in likes, shares, and comments.


  1. Engage with your audience

It makes sense that if you want someone to engage with you, you must also interact with them.

Engaging with your audience in the comments or sharing their posts makes them feel valued and not as though they are just another number bringing in money.

Personalize each response to humanize the interaction, build relationships, increase customer loyalty, and of course, boost engagement.


  1. Create polls/surveys

Creating a poll is a great way to encourage interaction from your audience.

The results from the survey make it easy to receive immediate feedback from your audience to use in future marketing.

It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. If you own a clothing brand, you can include a picture of your product and ask your audience when they would wear it. Then, give them options like work, date night, camping, etc.

In the future, you can produce a commercial or ad with that product in the highest voted setting.


  1. Use wit and humor

Use humor in your captions, images, and videos to engage your audience.

You can create puns or memes centered around your industry as we do at Fund&Grow on our Facebook page.

Make the humor relatable to boost engagement further.


  1. Ask a question

Although it is simple, it is effective. You can ask fun and relevant questions to encourage your audience to reply.

Like the poll, you can incorporate your product into the question, but this can be done right in the caption of your post to draw engagement to the comment section.


  1. Go live

Going live with your audience is a great way to boost engagement.

You could limit live streams for company milestones or go live more regularly to give updates and interact with your followers.

A live stream provides the perfect opportunity to host a Q&A and introduce new products or services.


Boosting your engagement on social media is a process that takes time, so choose a few areas to focus on at a time.

As you gain traction and your followers become more familiar with your brand, your loyal followers will convert to loyal customers.


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