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Tips for Motivating Your Employees to Increase Productivity

April 22, 2022

A person's motivation is the force that propels them to channel their efforts in a specific direction, and employee motivation is essential to your company's success.

Knowing what you can do as an employer to keep your employees motivated is critical because your employees will need more than a paycheck to keep them motivated and productive.

Employee motivation has more to do with how they feel in the workplace than the weekly or bi-weekly paycheck they receive. These tips are easy-to-implement ways to motivate your employees and increase their productivity.

Why is employee motivation important?

Motivating your team benefits not only your company but also your employees.

Properly motivating your employees reduces turnover rates while increasing productivity and boosting the commitment, drive, and energy your team brings to their roles.

Without employee motivation, you will likely see a decrease in the levels of output and will fall short of achieving milestones.

Types of employee motivation

To motivate your employees, you typically must meet a need they have within themselves.

You can achieve this either extrinsically or intrinsically, or with a combination thereof.

Extrinsic motivation stems from external factors, such as rewards or recognition, and fulfills a fundamental physiological human need.

Intrinsic motivation is affected by the beliefs a person has about themselves and their environment.

Intrinsic motivation satisfies the need for belonging, self-esteem, and self-actualization.

Rewarding your employees is the best way to satisfy those who require extrinsic motivation. These rewards can come in many forms, including food, monetary bonuses, special parking spots, or even casual dress days.

There are many ways to motivate your team intrinsically. You can praise and recognize them, foster a pleasant work environment, allow job autonomy, and invest in employee training.

Ways to motivate your employees to encourage an increase in productivity

Studies have proven that employees value work independence, help from management to maintain a healthy work-life balance, and growth opportunities within the workplace.

You can implement these tips, which concentrate on these three points, to motivate your employees and increase their productivity:

  1. Increase employee happiness

It is well-known that one’s productivity increases when they are in a positive mindset and a good mood.

There are many small and inexpensive ways to keep your employees happy throughout the workday, such as celebrating them on their birthday and acknowledging their hard work.

Also, you can host office events for holidays or other special occasions. A few times a year, Fund&Grow hosts an employee appreciation week where we have fun, work-appropriate dress-up days and are given small gifts from management.

This goes a long way to show your employees you appreciate them and keep their spirits up.

  1. Help them maintain a healthy work-life balance

Many employees will struggle to manage their work-life and home life, especially when their family grows or they have obligations to fulfill.

They expect the company they work for to try their best to accommodate their schedule and be understanding when the unexpected happens.

The help and understanding they receive from a company, for many, goes further than a monetary bonus.

  1. Award and recognize hard work

There are many ways to acknowledge hard work in the workplace, and doing so encourages others to go the extra mile to receive the same recognition they see others receiving.

You can recognize an employee’s hard work by awarding them Employee of the Month, a gift card, or even paid vacations.

Every company will have a unique way to award and recognize stellar work and achievements, and how you do so will vary depending on what resonates best among your employees.

  1. Offer growth opportunities

Individuals can develop themselves professionally and personally through growth opportunities in the workplace.

Employees may become less motivated if they feel stuck in the same role forever without any possibility of advancing within the company, which often leads to employees leaving to join another company.

You can motivate your employees by making it known there is the opportunity to advance higher within the company, but also by helping them develop and master new skills.

Investing in training and education for your employees to advance existing skills or develop new ones is a great way to motivate them, more so when they can utilize these skills within the workplace to advance their careers.

  1. Create a pleasant work environment

When you stop to consider how much time your employees will spend in the workplace, the importance of creating an uplifting and positive work environment becomes unavoidable.

You must find ways to maintain positivity throughout the workplace, whether it is by healthy department competitions, social interactions, or even the physical environment.

Ensure your employees have comfortable workstations with good lighting and allow your employees to decorate their workstations to make them personal to them. Their job is their home away from home, and a bland workstation could drain creativity and motivation from your staff.

Many factors play a role in your employees’ motivation and productivity.

Although a few of these methods may seem counterintuitive or unproductive, they actually have the opposite effect.

By rewarding and recognizing your employees in this way, you leave them feeling fulfilled within their role, giving them a personal purpose to boost their productivity in the workplace.


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