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Don't Fall Victim to these 4 Investing Mistakes

September 10, 2021

A large part of starting a new business is making mistakes and learning from them. Along the way, you learn what you should and should not do, and your business is better off for it. 

Investing in any form is no different. Whether you are investing in stocks or real estate, there are mistakes that many will make early on and suffer the consequences. These are four common investing mistakes that you can avoid making:


  1. Getting Overly Confident

When your investments are profitable, it is easy to think that you have all the answers or have mastered the art of investing. However, when you become overly confident in your abilities, you may lose your edge.

You could start to overlook potential issues, disregard fundamentals, or make investments without considering their risk. There is also the potential for holding onto a bad investment just because you are overly confident in your initial decision leading to a cloud of judgment and loss of money.

Being overly confident could affect your ability to accept training, constructive criticism, or even jade you from seeing a potential issue. There will always be someone who has more experience than you. A willingness to listen and learn from others could be the difference between making a mistake and avoiding one. 

  1. Getting Impatient

Investments are an investment for a reason. You are not only investing your money, but you are also investing your time. You will not see a profit overnight, and that is just the harsh reality of investing. 

Many investors will buy stock or make a real estate investment and see no significant gains leading them to sell the stock or property.

Patience is key in investing. Sometimes you must endure short-term losses for long-term gains. It is impossible to predict the stock or real estate markets perfectly. Learning to be patient and wait it out will help you get the most out of every investment. 

  1. Making Emotional Decisions

It is common for an investor to jump ship when things are not looking good for their investment.  

When a flood happens at your investment property, or it looks like your stock is about to plummet in value, some investors start panicking and sell the investment to avoid dealing with the situation at hand.  

When something goes wrong with an investment property, think about if it is worth it to get out from under it or if you will make more profit by repairing the damage. With stocks, you may want to consider the market. The stock market constantly fluctuates, and there is a high possibility of the value going upwards over time.  

If nothing is fundamentally different about your investment, do not sell it, especially if you do not need the money once you sell.   

Investing is becoming more popular across social media platforms and many investors are making investments based on popularity and what they hear online.

Just like anyone else, investors on social media cannot predict the stock or real estate markets, so just because they say something will be profitable (or was profitable for them) does not mean it will be. 

Consider your fundamentals and determine your purpose behind investing. For real estate, keep in mind that your purpose is to make a profit and not make the property your residence. Consider this when choosing tiles or paint colors and make decisions with future tenants or buyers in mind.

Investing based on someone else's experience leads you to make uneducated decisions,  blind investments, and puts your trust in someone who has nothing to lose by steering you in the wrong direction. 

Consider listening to multiple perspectives, do your research, and determine your purpose behind investing. It is better to have no investment than to go into it blindly and without research.

  1. Not Diversifying Your Investment Portfolio

Many investors only choose to invest in stocks, real estate, or crypto, creating a limited portfolio. Instead, consider having a bit of money everywhere.

Sometimes an investor may become successful with one type of investment and see no reason to invest elsewhere. But you are more likely than not, to find success across the board with a diverse portfolio.

Concentrating your investments in one area may expedite your profits early on, but once you have gained some experience, it becomes more important to reduce risk and diversify your investments. This way, you are not putting all your hope into the success of one investment, which could cost you a lot of money should things head south. 

Investing is all about the long-term. By keeping calm and completing research before investing, you can ease your mind and be confident in your investment, even during the dry spots. Every business owner will make a mistake at one point or another, but the trick is to learn from them and be a wiser business owner as a result. 

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