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Ari Page On Blog Talk Radio

November 14, 2013

Ari Page, the CEO of Fund&Grow, appeared recently for a guest spot on Club Wealth Radio, a show on Blog Talk Radio dedicated to real estate agents, investors and brokers.

Ari joined host Michael Hellickson to discuss the work Fund&Grow do in helping people obtain business credit and corporate credit at 0% interest rates. The show also includes a Q & A session in which Ari answers and gives advice to callers' specific queries on topics such as credit repair, credit for real estate investment and strategies for overcoming maxed out credit lines.

The full show can be found here.

The contents of the show are summarized below:

Fund&Grow began life in the mortgage industry but , with changes in the loan-to-value (LTV) requirements, soon found itself having to find their clients more cash in order to close loans on their mortgages.

By 2008, Fund&Grow was focusing entirely on obtaining business lines of credit for their clients. A year later, Ari Page became CEO of the company and has overseen the development of award-winning credit programs which have helped create thousands of dollars of credit for clients at low interest rates.

Fund&Grow utilizes business credit and corporate credit to acquire up to $250,000 for its clients, sometimes more. They achieve this through a series of micro-loans from multiple banks which come with 0% interest rates for 6-18 months.

What is in it for the banks to be lending unsecured credit at 0% interest for a significant duration? It is crucial to point out that credit cards, especially business credit cards, are not high-earning products for banks. Instead, they are best thought of as an appetizer on the way to enticing people onto more lucrative, main course products such as insurance. Fund&Grow gives their clients a full stomach on appetizers with no need for a main course.

For their role, Fund&Grow insist upon a membership fee from its clients, about which you can read more details.


Impact of your personal credit score

Corporate credit is completely independent of a client's personal credit. On the other hand, banks will look at a client's personal credit score when it comes to business credit, even though it does not report on your personal credit.

Typically, clients come to Fund&Grow with personal credit scores between 680 – 720. With a personal credit score over 700, Fund&Grow can usually obtain business credit within 30 – 45 days. Lower personal credit scores will delay the time it takes to get business credit.

Even though it is not the primary intention, an improved personal score is a positive by-products of working with Fund&Grow. It is not the ultimate objective, but it is one of the necessary links in the chain.

If you are in need of credit and are interested in our services then contact us today or read more about how our process works.

Ari Page Ari Page is the CEO of Fund&Grow. He resides in Spring Hill, Florida with his wife and two children.

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