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7 Unexpected Ways in Which You Could Lose Your Hard-Earned Reward Points

February 11, 2020

Earning reward points on credit card spending is exciting; however, it can often take months and hundreds of dollars of spending to accumulate enough points to avail of some substantial benefit. Perhaps that is why, if you were to lose your hard-earned credit card reward points, you would feel as unhappy as you would if you lost cash from your wallet. It’s true; there are certain circumstan...

The 5 Best Credit Cards for People with a 630~690 Credit Score

February 4, 2020

Individuals with fair or average credit are those whose FICO scores range between 630 – 689. For consumers with excellent credit, a wide variety of credit cards are available – most of these offer excellent perks such as hefty sign-up bonuses. People who have fair credit are usually not eligible for these cards; however, they can still sign up for certain credit cards that offer benef...

6 Convenient Benefits Of Having An Online Credit Card Account

January 28, 2020

Many of our clients tell us that though credit cards have made their lives easier in many ways, they nevertheless, find it difficult to manage this piece of plastic. Some of the common complaints include forgetting how much they have already charged to their account, identifying unauthorized transactions, and much more. Well, in many cases, these problems can be managed in a much easier way, simp...

Which Travel Credit Card is Better – One that Offers Points, or Miles?

January 7, 2020

If you are a frequent traveler, you have likely considered getting a travel credit card. However, before you sign up for one, it is essential you understand the difference between a card that earns points and one that earns miles. Travel credit cards that offer miles When a travel credit card earns you miles, it means that you earn currency on a certain airline’s frequent flier program and ...

How to Create Safe Credit Card PINs and Passwords

December 31, 2019

An individual who uses a credit card also knows how important it is to look out for unauthorized charges. Credit cardholders are not responsible for charges made fraudulently through their cards; however, it can be quite frustrating and time-consuming to clear one’s reputation and liability for unauthorized charges. That is why all consumers should create hard-to-guess PINs and passwords fo...

Do You Know the Difference Between a Credit Lock and a Credit Freeze?

December 10, 2019

Most consumers believe that a credit lock and a credit freeze are the same; however, that is not the case. While both credit freeze and credit lock help individuals protect their credit reports from being used by scammers to open fraudulent accounts, a credit freeze offers protections that a credit lock doesn’t. Moreover, it is usually easier to unlock a credit lock, than it is to undo a fr...


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