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Jason Hartman, Founder of Empowered Investor, has been involved in several thousand real estate transactions and has owned income properties in 11 states and 17 cities. His company, Empowered Investor helps people achieve The American Dream of financial freedom by purchasing income property in prudent markets nationwide. Jason’s Complete Solution for Real Estate Investors™ is a comprehensive system providing real estate investors with education, research, resources and technology to deal with all areas of their income property investment needs.

On this short masterclass you'll learn how to obtain up to $250,000 of safe and easy-to-use business credit. We'll be discussing Fund&Grow's popular A+ BBB rated card stacking strategy that over the past 15 years has created 1.4 billion dollars of funding for 30,000+ businesses. Along the way, earning us 4,000+ 4.9-star reviews and putting Fund&Grow on the Inc 5000 list seven consecutive years in a row!

We are revealing the blueprint used by Fund&Grow's internal team to generate over 24 million dollars of funding every month. You’ll learn how the funding is set up without appearing on your personal credit or risking your assets as collateral and can be kept at a 0% interest rate long term. All major banks and most regional banks offer these 0% teaser rate cards, and each offer provides an introductory interest rate of 0% for an average of 12 - 18 months (currently we have one offer that is 24 months at 0%). Fund&Grow's business card stacking process leverages these offers in an organized way to create easy-to-use funding that can be spent on whatever your business needs.

In this exclusive training we are teaching you our master funding blueprint, as well as offering all attendees a $500 discount for our flagship Done-For-You Card Stacking Membership. Make sure to register for the webinar to learn how you can join tens of thousands of businesses who are growing their revenue using Fund&Grow's safe and easy-to-access business funding.

You Will Discover These 6 Secrets
On This FREE Training:

  • Secret #1 Formation of A Lendable Entity for Funding How to form a lendable entity that is set up for effectively securing the most credit possible!
  • Secret #2 The Key to "Unsecured" Business Credit How to leverage unsecured business credit that does NOT appear on your personal credit!
  • Secret #3 How to Secure Long Term 0% Interest Credit How to use the "credit card stacking" method for long term credit... at 0% interest!
  • Secret #4 Uncover Your Hidden "Bad Credit" Learn about the hidden data behind your credit report which you are unaware of and could be damaging your credit rating.
  • Secret #5 How to Strengthen Your Personal Credit The top methods and strategies to improve your personal credit rating as fast as possible so you can secure the largest approvals!
  • Secret #6 Strategic Negotiations to Instantly Get Approved Discover the secret negotiation tactics and techniques to get your business credit applications approved instantly (the first time)
This FREE training is available
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Join The Free Business Funding Training

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This FREE training is available
for a limited time only so Act Now!

For Attending This Training:
5 Steps To Becoming Lendable

When you watch the presentation and stay until the end, we'll send you a free copy of our popular guide, "5 Steps To Becoming Lendable" , as a special "thank you" gift!

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Seth D. Himrod

Wow! I am blown away with the first batch. Fund&Grow is not just changing my business it is changing lives. Thank you!

June and Doug Cook

I am a current member with Fund&Grow and I took advantage of the free credit partner upgrade and added my husband as an additional applicant. Within 60 days of enrolling with F&G, we have already obtained $109,000 in 0% interest business credit and with the expertise of the Fund&Grow team, we are still working to obtain more funding.

Eli Ghith

Responsible credit users and business starters REJOICE! I heard about Fund&Grow from a webinar with Mike Butler early in 2012 and subscribed immediately; it was the second best business decision I ever made (second only to starting my own real estate company in 2010). Fund&Grow found me the 0%APR credit I needed. In one year, and through two batches, I was able to get a total of $276,000 of credit.

Erin and David V.

My husband I enrolled with Fund&Grow based on a referral from Alexis Neely. Since our enrollment in December 2012, we have received $266,000 in 0% business credit! Working with their team - particularly Ryan and Amanda - has been a pleasure! The entire team at Fund&Grow has done such a great job and we look forward to a very exciting future for our businesses all thank to their expertise and guidance.

Carrie Breneiser

Awesome group of professionals that have negotiated over $210,000 business lines of credit just our first round. One on one consultations keeping us informed and in the loop. Can't wait to see what's ahead!

Paul Severson

I highly recommend Fund&Grow for anyone looking for an edge in terms of business funding. $115,000 in 0% business credit in 33 days! Fantastic! I can't wait 'til the next batch! UPDATE: Received my next batch results and I'm now up to $203,000 in 0% business credit!

Robert L.

I was skeptical when I first heard about Fund&Grow but I was a believer after they were able to obtain $80,000 of credit lines for me with the first round of applications. Fund&Grow took care of everything and after the recent third round, I now have $171,000 of credit lines.


I became a member in Fund&Grow and I included my business partner for the program as well. In a year, I obtained $93,000 in 0% business credit and my business partner obtained $64,500 - bringing our overall total to $157,500! What a great return on our initial investment and now I'm even looking to continue with their program to obtain more funding. I'd like to thank Ward and the rest of the team at Fund&Grow for all their hard work!

Philip Morris

I first learned of F&G through a webinar hosted by The Wealth Vault. It has put me on the path to having the funds I needed to work with. Over $155,000 of 0% business funding obtained so far. Their program is well worth the cost.


I take tremendous pride in building positive and lasting relationships in my businesses and personal life. Every member of my team is committed to helping our clients get the maximum amount of funding possible and achieve their highest growth potential.