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Fund&Grow Success Story

I found out about F&G through my husband, who had used them a few years ago. I went in without any expectations and was completely blown away when I received a note from Lisha informing me that she had gotten me $74,800 in corporate cash credit within the first week of becoming a client. I am now up to $142,800! Lisha and the entire staff have been great to work with and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I have no hesitation in recommending them to my friends, family and clients.
– Chiara Pietrogiovanna, Certified Life Coach @ www.LiveYourBestLifeNow.com

Thanks so very much for the fantastic and realistic content on your webinar...04/26 830est webinar.....
You make it seem possible to get back in control of the finances of doing real business today....
It is hard.....and you were so very respectful in your presentation and explanation of knowing, undersranding, and conveying the reality of the many business situations that you have come across. Thanks again - Looking forward to signing up for the program.

– Steven Williamson, Village Crossroads

*Note, some of these reviews were written before we changed our name from Credit Card Builders to Fund&Grow. In those instances, we have updated the company name.

Fund&Grow is committed to helping individuals and businesses gain access to credit. In the current lending environment, many individuals who should be able to get credit, cannot. Some feel ripped off or scammed by the bank bailout and wonder why they can’t work the system the way the banks did. If you have reasonably good credit, Fund&Grow's Credit Card Builders program is a proven process to get you the credit you deserve.

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