Uses for Credit

E.g., suppose you owe $200,000 on a $300,000 HELOC at prime rate. You can use balance transfer to pay down $100,000 of the loan and now all your monthly payments will go to paying down the principal – and not just the endless treadmill of interest-only payments for the same amount! You can also pay down other business lines of credit you may have.
E.g., suppose you have a property you are selling and the market is a bit soft. We can show you how to sell property to others who have good business credit and can purchase your property. The cap rate goes way up when your buyer is paying 0% even if for a limited time. Now your property sticks out as a better investment and may be easier to sell compared to other similar properties.
For example, many clients use our notes to originate short-term loans for 6-18 months, which corresponds perfectly with many introductory rate time limits of 0% credit card offers you will receive
To protect your dollars, as part of being a Fund&Grow client, you will learn about the global economics that are taking place at a rapid rate. Included in our monthly newsletter are instructions on how to open a bank account in Europe without actually understanding foreign currency – and why you should hold foreign currency and be able to transfer your U.S. dollars quickly into any currency you need. All this and how it affects you and what to do about it will be included in your program.

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