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As a business owner for over 17 years, I´ve used all kinds of personal and corporate credit lines to fund the growth of my various businesses. I heard about F&G through a trusted colleague and decided to dip my toe in the water to see what they could do for me. After talking with Ari Page at F&G, it was determined that I should first clean up my personal credit history to improve my scores with the three credit bureaus. Ari walked me through the entire process and made sure all my questions were answered anytime I wasn´t sure about something. Shortly thereafter, we applied for my first batch of funding, where I received four credit cards totaling $40,000, all at 0% interest! Ari and his team really go the extra mile for their clients and I can´t recommend them highly enough. In fact, my business partner and I (who is also a F&G client) have been sharing F&G with our Wealth Vault members for over a year-and-a-half and some of them have received as much as $100,000 in a very short amount of time. If you value integrity and personalized service, then give F&G a try for all your business funding needs.

- Brad Wajnman, The Wealth Vault
The Financial Freedom Foundation (FFF) recommended to me that I get started building business credit by using my excellent credit profile. I wasn’t sure of an easy way to do this. Thanks to Zac Ricci at Fund&Grow, I am well on my way. After the first two cycles, I´m already at $89,000 in 0% Business Credit! The FFF made a great choice in recommending F&G to me and I also feel good about recommending them to others as an easy way to obtain business credit.
- Morris O., Virginia
I signed up with Fund&Grow (F&G) a while back based on recommendations from the Wealth Vault. I came in with OK credit, but I had a lot of debt and inquiries that the banks didn’t find very appealing for the amount of credit that I felt I needed to reach my goals. Then into my life through F&G came a financial “credit wizard” named Zac Ricci. Now F&G may have other credit guides that are as good as Zac, but they damned sure couldn’t have anyone better. He took me by the financial hand and steered me through the ins and outs of the credit maze until I was sitting on a 740 (that’s rated “excellent” by the credit bureaus … right on the credit report). In six months, as I pay down my balances, I’ll bet I’ll be at 760+. This next month I’ll be paying approximately $500 less in interest per month, and as my payments decline, I’ll roll the difference into more pay-downs. (Try it sometime – add up the interest you are paying on your cards per month … it’s an eye-opener.) In my first round of applications, which began about 10 to 14 days ago, I’m already at $56,500 in credit with cards in hand. Now here’s what’s amazing to me. Once they get you approved with a bank for X amount of dollars, they don’t stop there. They appeal for an increased limit. Today I got a letter from Key Bank, saying “Congratulations! Your $10,000 limit after review has been increased to $20,000.” As I mentioned earlier, I came to F&G through Wealth Vault, a very informative site, with lots of different programs to make money, and lots of good money management info. I have participated in a number of these programs, some I’m making money on, some I drooped. But the point I want to make is, none of those have been as valuable to my overall financial well-being as I feel F&G will be to me. Check their web site, the for some interesting stuff. Good luck and good credit building,
- Joe W.
I signed up with Fund&Grow to create business credit and have been very happy with the information I have received to date. One thing that has impressed me the most about Fund&Grow is the newsletter that they send out every month. I´ve always been skeptical of how valuable an online newsletter could be, but boy was I shocked. I have never seen a better online newsletter for building business credit. My favorite part is learning parts of the lending industry that are changing and how to overcome them. Keep up the awesome work!
Dustin Mathews, Tampa, FL
“I joined Fund&Grow on March 1st of 2010 and was pleasantly surprised with the knowledge and guidance Josh showed me as I entered the program. Once I began the membership I was even happier to find how quickly my processor Crystal followed up with the strategies we took to gain a total of $55,000 in 0% unsecured business cards in a short forty two days. These business cards that I am now accessing as cash, as Fund&Grow has instructed me, make me pleased to say I am looking forward to what the year has in store, not only with the following “batches” of business credit but with all the information available to me through Fund&Grow Monthly Newsletter which has articles on how to increase my ROI and protect my assets. All in all I am excited to see this new funding increase my revenue within my own business endeavors. Thank you Fund&Grow.”
- Tony Massimino, (203) 915-5342 AJ Massimino Marketing Company
I have been amazed by Fund&Grow, in 4 short months I was able to raise my credit score by over 80 points and acquire $80,000 in 0% Business Credit, and we are not done yet! It has been great working with Remy who is my personal consultant, their creative methods and personal attention has made this experience well worth the money. This will definitely jump start my business….Thanks F&G!
- Pete, JRS Investment Properties, LLC
My experience with has been amazing so far! I heard about Fund&Grow from one of Mike Butler’s online videos, now I’ve dealt with other Business Credit Building Companies in the past and have always been disappointed by fake promises. Fund&Grow customer service is outstanding and answered all my questions and concerns every time I called. They put my mind at ease and walked me through the process in simple easy to understand language. They helped me boost my credit score from 700 to a 734 in a matter of a couple of weeks. Out of the Four 0% Business Cards that were applied for in the first “batch of applying”, I have already received TWO- $25,000 Business redit Cards at 0% for 12-13 months. With two other cards being approved at $9k and $12.5k, but for lesser amounts! (They do many of these batches, over and over!) That is a total of $71,500 on one batch of applying! I have received one of the 25k cards in the mail within the first 30 days!! Now I am ready to get the cash off of my new 0% Cards! I give Fund&Grow a 5 star rating.
- Nick A, (917) 915-2133 (NA International Corp)
Hi my name is Brad Miller, and I have been a big fan of and have bought many of Mike´s business products in the past. Recently I signed up for the Fund&Grow business credit building program on Mike´s recommendation. I have been pleasantly surprised with the high level of service since signing up. Not only have I received many business Credit cards (still at 0%) but I can also bring to my Fund&Grow processor other financial questions that I have which they are happy to advise me on. On the news I watch as “the markets” are ever changing- truly in uncharted territories! But when my Fund&Grow processor contacts me – they are always up to speed on changes and new types of loans that are coming on the market (and how to qualify for them). Thanks Mike Butler and everyone at Fund&Grow for a program that helps people receive low interest cash financing- when most people out there think that they don´t qualify for any financing!!
- Brad Miller, Madison Capital LLC, Madison, Mississippi
I signed up with Fund&Grows from the recommendations of Brad & Barry from LWL Worldwide, as I had heard they had positive outcome with this program. After I signed up I received a full business credit consultation, and information on how to remove credit inquires, as well as very sensitive data on how to get cash off of credit cards without paying a cash advance fee! (unbelievable) Unfortunately, after I signed up, we found that my credit was to severely damaged to move forward and receive money this month. However, Fund&Grow referred me to a company to get these negative items off of my report. (I need extended credit help) But because I couldn´t get credit right away, I asked for a refund! Even after our business consultation and receiving all of the strategies. Well, I have already received every penny back- and even though Fund&Grow was unable to get cash funding for me this month, I am in a much better credit situation, on the right path, and soon to get approved for low interest business credit. Thank you for all your guidance Fund&Grow and when I am in a better position a few months from now, I will remember your trustworthy program, and will be back!! Thanks again.
- Warren Smith, MI
I was referred to Fund&Grow from the Wealth Vault. I was fortunate at the start of this program to have good credit with the exception of something on my file that should not have been there. My F&G processor was able to have that removed and we were able to move forward. They also were able to have my EIN business name changed to one that is more applicable to what I am doing now. The whole process has taken a bit of time, but as they say, good things come to those who wait. Fund&Grow has been a class act and have very nice people to deal with throughout the whole process. I have already received over $30,000 of 0% business credit and they are not finished yet! The team will be applying for more business credit for me, and I am now looking forward to the new batches of credit and a rewarding future with F&G. To anyone giving thought to doing business with F&G, please do not hesitate, and understand that they are working very hard for you. They know what they are doing, and what they do, they do very well. Thank you Ryan and F&G.
- Dennis Caldwell, Caldwell Business Mgmt. Solutions Again, our sincerest thanks to all who have provided Fund&Grow testimonials.
Initially I was skeptical about the benefits that could provide. I´d heard that I could build my company credit by myself, and I educated myself through various sources. I discovered that, other than my bank, most institutions offered my business less than $10,000 in credit. helped my company obtain higher credit limits in a shorter period of time. In fact, I received over $45,000 with Bank of America alone! The best part is that it is at 0% interest and does not show up on my personal credit report. Dave and his team gave their full attention in working on my case, and they continue to get me additional credit.
- Elly Wijaya, Managing Member, The Flexible REI, LLC, Torrance, CA (Al Aiello student)
I signed up with Fund&Grow off of a website that I have been visiting for some time called I am a real estate investor, and have had a hard time qualifying for additional financing. I signed up for Fund&Grow's 0% program, and have received 50 thousand in 0% credit so far. I have not had a need to use all of the credit I received and have asked my processor to not apply for more 0% credit at this time. It is really amazing the program that Fund&Grow has developed. No one wants to do “extra work” and Fund&Grow has created a simple, easy to use program that will help any business owner receive large amounts of 0% credit. The most important thing to me is that you receive a one-on-one Business Credit Consultant, who has always been very available to me. Thanks for all your help Fund&Grow.
Nick T, Baldwin, NY
My wife and I have been investing in real estate since the bottom began to fall out of the real estate market. I was using my wife´s and my personal credit from credit cards to purchase undervalued bank owned properties. I was rehabbing, refinancing and putting tenants in the properties, paying myself nicely for all my hard work with cash flowing every month. The wheels of progress had come to a screeching halt in December 2008. My wife and I received notices from several of our credit card companies saying that they were closing our credit card accounts. Both My wife and I have credit scores in the mid 700´s and we are never late with our payments. In one month we lost a total of $106,000 worth of unsecured credit. I went on a mad search for money. I needed to establish business credit in a big hurry. I had deals coming in and no way to jump on them. I heard about Ari Page at Fund&Grow from a webinar put on by Kimberlee Frank of I really trust Kimberlee. I took a real estate investing course from her before I made investing my full time job. FYI she saved me $3,500 on my first deal while I was negotiating with the bank. Thanks Kimberlee! I want to tell you Fund&Grow is the REAL DEAL! They are very educated and up to date on the current credit markets. They know the do´s and don´ts when applying and preparing to apply for credit. Ari is still working with me one-on-one today. Ari, like the other people on my team, is very reachable when I need him. He calls back and stays in touch every step of the way. My wife and I have received a combined $51,000 in business credit since we began. This AFTER the market fell out and the lenders cut $100,000 of our personal credit, what a tough job to perform!! We have just sent another batch of credit applications and are awaiting for our approvals. Ari, you are a true pleasure to work with. Thank you!
- Joe M., Royal Oak, MI
I was originally introduced to Fund&Grow thru a webinar. I signed up for the service and after two cycles (a few months) I am already past the $60,000 mark for commercial credit. Fund&Grow is an impressive company that has performed ´above and beyond´ my expectations. I am very pleased with the dependable service that we have received from the F&G staff, and I am especially grateful to Mr. Zac Ricci for his exceptionally outstanding support. I recommend that anyone who may need (or anticipate a future need) to access additional funding for their business, consider using Fund&Grow. It is a strategy that has provided us practical business flexibility and some excellent options that we otherwise would not have had.
- H.C. in Washington, D.C.
I was referred to Fund&Grow by the Financial Freedom Foundation and would recommend both to those who want to improve their credit options and income generation. F&G first performed an extensive credit review with me and identified a couple strategies to enhance my credit report prior to applying for credit. These changes would provide an optimum situation for gaining approvals and higher credit limits. Once the enhancements were visible on my report, I was able to obtain over $150k of credit in six months, most of which began at zero percent interest payments. Thank you Fund&Grow Team. You deliver results!
- Tom (from the Midwest)
Credit Builders expertly assisted me to obtain $46,000 in credit cards within the first round of trying. They patiently answered all of my questions, guided me through the whole process, and performed all of the leg work. They have proven to be competent, trustworthy, and knowledgeable. They have also continued to help me with obtaining more credit and answering further questions even 6 months after the initial process. I would highly recommend their services. Thank you!
- Deirdre K Donnelly
We joined Fund&Grow's program on the recommendation of Bob Leonetti to build business credit to take our business to the next level. Within the first few months we obtained $80,000 which has provided us with the needed short term cash to expand our business! This is only the beginning, we will be applying for MORE credit soon, it´s an ongoing process!! The knowledge of the team is amazing. The Famp;G representatives are top notch! I would recommend anyone looking to obtain funds to improve their business to get started with F&G!
- Colleen Potocnik
I was told to build business credit In order to have access to better credit terms. But to be honest, I was having problems getting ANY kind of credit. I got started building business credit with F&G. My scores are low due to economic conditions, so I am using a credit partner and I have already received 40k at 0% interest terms within 45 days of getting started!! This first application batch is not yet finished, more credit will be coming soon, and the best part, none of the credit will show up on my credit report (or my partners). I am very happy with the level of service and professionalism I receive working with my business credit consultant Ryan. Thank you Sean and Shelia at for educating me on this very real funding solution!
- Tony Gibbs, (847) 840-8870
I was introduced to Fund&Grow from a Craig’s List advertisement. As with all things on Craig´s List, I was VERY skeptical. But when the credit started rolling in, I was floored! I am only 24 years old, with NO business credit history. Fund&Grow has already created over 56K of 0% Business Credit! This company will give you strategies to keep you from having to go and buy other expensive shelf corps and many other items that would normally be the cost of doing business. They have ways of doing it with no additional cost! I have never worked together with such a creative team of people! (BTW they are still working on creating more credit for me, and are in the process of getting my credit partner even more credit as we speak!) Thanks Fund&Grow, and my F&G processor, Ari Page!
- Adam Glickman, Chicago, IL
Dear Ari, I first heard about your services as a result of being a member of the Wealth Vault. In reading and reviewing the weekly write-ups from this service, Fund&Grow was reviewed and recommended by Brad and Barry of the Wealth Vault. After reading their favorable write-up, I contacted F&G and actually spoke directly with you. As a result of our conversation, actually it was a couple of conversations, I decided that I would start the process as outlined by F&G. I had the pleasure of working directly with Remy and Liana during the process and they were always very accessible, prompt in responding, and thorough in their explanations. After following the step-by-step instructions as provided by F&G over a short period of time, my credit account was optimized to be the most presentable in building up credit limits. From this point, I started working with Kevin who actually guided me, well not really as he did most everything, in the process of acquiring several credit lines all of which totaled $50,500 during the first round of credit acquisition with plans to obtain more credit soon. This credit is now assisting me in accessing capital that would not have been possible therefore allowing me to pursue building my own business. In addition to this, my personal credit is stronger than it has ever been. Working with you and the staff at F&G was a very good experience and I look forward to continuing to work with F&G in the future.
- Casey Bowles
Dear Mr. Butler: I have followed your work for some time now at, and was introduced to Fund&Grow through your recommendation. Thank you. I have been a business owner for many years and have always found it difficult to gain funding at reasonable terms- especially in the last few months. As I have worked with Ari Page at Fund&Grow, I have come to a better understanding of how to finance my small business needs with next to no finance charges! It is incredible the amount of knowledge this team collectively possesses, not to mention their ability to work with me in my unique situation. Thanks Fund&Grow for helping me work on my business and not always in my business.
- Tom Kubat, Video Impact Productions Inc, Oxnard, CA
My name is Jesus Capote. I was introduced to Fund&Grow by Mr. Albert Aiello. At first I was skeptical, but based on the research that I had done on Mr. Aiello, I knew that he had a great reputation and would not recommend a company that did not deliver on their promise. I signed up for Fund&Grow's program and they immediately started working on removing erroneous information from my credit report. As a result, my credit score increased by 50 points. Since I signed up Fund&Grow in April 2010, I’ve received $75,000 in 0% business credit, and have since transferred the cash (with no fees) to various bank accounts. I’m very impressed with Fund&Grow staff's overall knowledge of business financing and their constant contact with me throughout the entire process. I want to thank Fund&Grow for helping me make my first real estate deal possible and Mr. Aiello for putting me in contact with Fund&Grow. I’m excited about the future because of Fund&Grow and I look forward to continued success.
- Jesus Capote, IREALLE Real Estate Investments, LLC
I’m writing about the recent accomplishments by Fund&Grow. We signed up on April 12 and already had $32,000 of 0% credit in the first month! SECOND BATCH UPDATE Now $90,000 of 0% credit.] We are in business development and are currently buying real estate at greatly discounted prices. This is another house we can buy without the bank’s B.S. and begging. We are looking forward to what can be accomplished in the coming months as they continue to create more business credit! Thank you for your hard work on our behalf and thank you Mike Butler of for introducing us to this incredible alternative way of getting funding!
- Jason & Sue K.
I have been with a few different credit companies in the past. Some have been okay and others have been just plain bad. I have also been in customer service for a very long time. What is interesting is how the product or service a company has to offer can be just like everyone else but you choose to stay with them because of the people; Luke Page is that for me. I think F&G has a lot to offer when I look at the testimonials and website, but when I talk to Luke, and he gets back to me promptly or goes out of his way to make sure I am happy; that sets him and the company apart. I am lucky to have such a person to work with. He completes Famp;G because I can tell he really cares about my business relationship. He even contacted me just yesterday to see if I was doing well and how the process is working for me. He is available, and when he cannot get back to me right away he sincerely apologizes and provides adequate explanation. After my first few credit lines are opened with Famp;G, I will be going out of my way to tell my business associates about my extremely positive experience with F&G and my equally positive experience with Luke Page! With the utmost sincerity and admiration,
- Jordon Trice
As a new business owner, I needed business credit. My credit scores at the time were below 700. I was introduced to through a valuable resource website, I signed up with Ari at, and then was able to remove some erroneous information from my credit report. As a result, my scores increased by about 75 points with each reporting agency. I could not believe how smooth things went with B of A, and within a short time, I was approved for eight different business cards – much more than I needed! They don’t even show on my credit report so my credit scores won’t drop if I actually use it. I now have over $70,000 in business credit at very favorable terms and better credit scores. Now I spend my time doing business instead of raising capital. This was money well spent. Thank you Ari and!
- Michael Chin, JMR Residential Solutions LLC, Manassas, VA
Ward Leiter and Fund&Grow team is amazing. I came to them over 9 months ago wanting to get business credit through their system. I came in with a very limited personal credit situation and they suggested obtaining three small secured credit lines to start rebuilding my credit foundation. I did that and signed up with Fund&Grow understanding that we needed to build personal credit before moving forward to business credit. The first batch was all personal and the Famp;G team came through with some strong lines to start. The second batch was a mixed batch of business and personal and my profile has grown from the results. I know that the Fund&Grow team took a look at my individual situation and developed a specific plan. I followed the plan they laid out before me and the results are simply amazing. I look forward to watch them grow my profile and create benefits that would not have been available in such a short time frame as their course of action is working. It is truly a pleasure working with the entire staff and would highly recommend them to anyone.
- C.W.
I signed up with Fund&Grow after I heard about their valuable service on a Mike Butler conference call. (Mike is a real estate investment mentor.) I had heard about a similar service months earlier, but that company was charging upwards of $7500 for the same service that Fund&Grow offers. After I signed up, Ari Page called and spent the better part of an hour with me going over my credit report and explaining what companies do to intentionally cause your credit scores to go down, and how to fix that. He gave me probably the best information I had ever heard in the credit counseling area, and really knew his stuff. Well, after realizing that obtaining additional credit would just put me further in debt (which, given the failure of my business, I did not want to do), I decided not to go forward with the process. Even though I had gotten excellent counseling by Ari, Fund&Grow agreed to completely refund the $2500 fee. Ari was extremely gracious about everything, and quite ethical I might add. I would recommend this service to anyone needing a way to obtain business credit, and feel that Fund&Grow offers a lot of value considering what they charge. And you can trust that you´ll be taken of the right way.
- Steve Goldberg
Another Fund&Grow ClientI got started with Fund&Grow after watching a webinar in April that Alexis Neely promoted. Fund&Grow has already applied for business credit for my mother. After a bit of negotiating, the applications have now turned into over $55,000 in business credit for us to use. I want to thank Amanda, Lisha, and Zac for all of the hard work they have done to help us meet our business needs so far. I am proud to say that Fund&Grow is all that they say they are and I look forward to receiving even more business credit in the future.
- Stacey Lucich

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