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About Fund&Grow's Business Credit Funding Program

Fund&Grow is a consulting firm lead by Ari Page, Chief Executive Officer and Mike Banks, Chief Operations Officer. Fund&Grow creates 0% Business Credit cards that act exactly as lines of credit. Fund&Grow assists clients in withdrawing ALL of the cash on the line (NOT by using a cash advance). Members receive a 12 month, Done For You Business Credit membership. Fund&Grow will establish up to $150,000 in 30 days and up to and over $250,000 of 0% Unsecured Credit for your business (most receive an average of $40,000-$80,000 in per round, with 3-4 application rounds per year). The way we define business credit is as follows: business credit is personally guaranteed but does not appear or count against you on your personal credit report (personal credit does). This creates additional credit for your business, without negating your ability to get personal credit! This keeps the finances of your personal and business lives separate. All Clients Are Provided with a 60-day Money Back Guarantee.

Features of Fund&Grow's Business
Credit Funding Program

  • One-on-One Comprehensive Business Credit Consultation with a Fund&Grow expert. We will develop an individualized strategy to maximize the credit building process for your business.
  • If you choose to exercise the 60-day Refund Guarantee – you will walk away with a minimum of a free credit consultation, credit report and strategies on how to create large amounts of business credit, at no charge! (No credit will be extended.)
  • If you choose to go on with Fund&Grow's Business Credit Funding Program, you will continue to receive one-on-one consultation and up to $250,000 of 0% business credit .
  • $250k of business credit Using 0% Business Cards (usually $40k-80k on the initial batch applied for and for each subsequent batch.
  • Fund&Grow then continues to work with you for a minimum of one YEAR to increase liquid credit reserves up to and over $250,000.
  • Complete Dun & Bradstreet Corporate Credit Building Program. This program assists clients in building non-recourse credit (meaning it does not use your SS# or credit report)
  • Through this program you can obtain an Additional $100,000 of vendor credit in about five to six months. This credit is in addition to the $250,000 of business credit referenced above.
  • This program is an interactive D&B Credit Building Program. You may use it on as many different corporations as you like.
  • The D&B program teaches you how to create a high PAYDEX score and what strategies are necessary.
  • How to remove credit inquires – within 45 days. This service normally costs $350+. We developed a free and easy-to-follow method to remove credit inquiries. This is essential to gaining large amounts of funds via business credit cards.
  • Fund&Grow will create for every client an individual EIN (Tax ID#) that matches your years in business. This is for the purpose of applying for 0% business credit and keeping the credit off your personal credit report. Guaranteed to work with the banks!
  • If you have bad personal credit Fund&Grow will assist you with implementation strategies to remove derogatory credit items and provide a referral to a performing credit help company at discounted rates – or for free in some cases depending on the level of severity.
  • SBA Loans ranging from 5k to 1mm.
  • Create a comprehensive Business Plan and educate you on SBA Loans and how to legally apply for one.
  • Larger SBA loans are for clients with full financials.
  • Fund&Grow produces an informative monthly newsletter that is a must read for all business owners and entrepreneurs. We offer insight into business as well as money saving strategies, credit card offers and COMPLIMENTARY vacation properties. This program costs $50/month.

No Risk, 60-Day Money Back Guarantee!

We promise to do everything in our power to get you as much Business Credit as possible.

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