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Credit Card Hardship Program? Here’s if You Should Do It

February 11, 2021

If you are going through a temporary financial rough patch, say you’ve lost your job or had a serious accident, it can get difficult to meet your debt obligations. In such a situation, it may be worthwhile for you to talk to your credit card issuer and find out whether they offer any hardship programs. What is a credit card hardship program? With a credit card hardship program, you interact...

7 Useful Steps to Curb Credit Card Spending

March 13, 2018

How many times has this happened to you? You walk into a store intending to buy a small inexpensive item, and walk out with a bill totaling hundreds of dollars? This situation is commonly faced by many credit card holders today. Armed with a seemingly innocent piece of plastic, they end up accruing huge amounts of debt. This, in turn, leads to severe credit score damage, not to mention tremendous...

Can I Use My Credit Card to Pay for My Vacation?

January 23, 2018

Just the other day, we had a client who was planning a vacation in Europe with his family. He didn’t want to carry too much cash around with him in a foreign place and was planning to put most of his travel-related expenses on his credit card. However, he was confused because a friend had advised him to stay away from cards stating that they would likely land him in debt. Perhaps this is a ...

7 Strategic Ways to Accelerate Debt Payback on a Limited Budget

October 5, 2017

One of the hardest things in the world is getting out of debt – especially when you have a limited budget. If you have a number of other bills and little funds, paying back debt can seem like a pointless task. It can also be very frustrating if most of your payments go towards meeting interest obligations – something which is all too common for people who have a mountain of debt. Neve...

6 Dangers of Carrying a High Balance on Your Credit Card

July 18, 2017

A credit card can at once be both a blessing and a curse. While it offers the convenience of cashless transactions, a cardholder must also bear the responsibility of using the piece of plastic in a careful and thrifty manner. With a credit card in hand, many consumers are tempted to spend more than they can pay off. Meanwhile, there are others who frequently max out their cards without realizing ...

You Can Benefit by Paying Monthly Bills with a Credit Card

June 15, 2017

Credit cards can be used for a variety of purposes - from making a large purchase, such as a washing machine, to buying airline tickets for a holiday to France. But can you use credit cards to pay your monthly bills? Because of all the rewards that you stand to earn, it can be quite tempting to put all your monthly obligations, such as cable bills, utilities, rent and insurance on your card. Neve...


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