Ari Page started working with Fund&Grow in 2007 as a credit consultant. In just two short years, Ari became the Chief Executive Officer of the company. Since then, Fund&Grow has maintained year-over-year sustained growth under his guidance.

Ari Page, CEO

The Fund&Grow team is comprised of dedicated account managers and customer credit consultants. Through a unique process, developed by Mr. Page and enhanced over the years, Fund&Grow enables clients to receive as much as $250,000 or more in zero-percent interest business credit. These levels continue to increase as the company matures.

In an industry rife with rip-offs and scams, Fund&Grow maintains outstanding partner relationships with major financial institutions and other nationally renoun educators.

Ari Page resides in Florida with his wife and their two children.

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Ari Page receiving a Winners Circle award for Fund&Grow.

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