0% Interest Credit – How it Works.

There is a strategy to obtaining large balance credit cards with any given company. We can help you meet the criteria for credit cards of $50,000 to $250,000 with 0% interest.

To entice business banking customers, there are a variety of banks and equity institutions that provide 0% business credit cards for a period of 6, 9, 12 and even 15 months.

On the personal credit side you can get 0% for as long as 21 months. So for those of you who don't yet qualify for business credit due to having limited personal credit, that 21 month offer and others like it is the perfect way to establish more credit history so you can then qualify to obtain business credit lines shortly down the road.

The rules are complex. It’s not like obtaining a home loan. In addition to having a high credit score, the lenders look for a specific borrowing profile of someone who would have the need and use of such a large amount of available credit. So even if you have a perfect score, you may get stuck with just $5,000 to $15,000 in credit.

That's why negotiating each account is paramount to getting the larger approvals. Fortunately for our clients, we have strong relationships with the banks for the last 10 years and our team is highly trained and extremely effective at negotiating FOR our clients and that’s how we're able to get such large approvals. Having good credit is just a requirement of the whole process. Negotiating is what brings in the largest amounts and that's how we generate 7 million in new credit each month.

When you apply online or over the phone for a $5,000 to $20,000 credit card it is one thing. But when you are getting 4-5 credit cards at $50,000 to $80,000 at a time, it is a whole new world.

We will help you educate yourself so that you can literally have a no-cost way to make money once you know the skills. We will also show you how to get instant approval. That’s right, instant approval, where a human being right here in the US says you’re approved. No waiting 7-10 days for an answer in the mail.

In our 12-Month CCB Funding Membership program, we offer this information, and handholding to help you every step of the way, for a flat fee. We have mortgage clients who have paid many times this fee for documentation, processing, appraisal, title, escrow fees and points. In this program, we do not charge for any amounts you receive on your credit cards. We are a big believer in credit cards and we believe this information is worth many times what you pay. Fund&Grow provides a 60-day guarantee. Within the first 60 days, you can receive a full refund, as long as you did not receive credit.

Alternatively, we have a similar, fast track program, the CCB Accelerated Funding Membership, where there is no up-front fee, and we do charge for amounts received.

In both programs, we don’t just tell you what to do, we do all of the leg work to obtain the credit and hold your hand through the process every step of the way. Starting by running a Credit Analyzer as well as manually completing an in-depth, consultative review of your credit and financial situation, we determine all “what if” scenarios with the end goal of maximizing your credit scores to get the largest possible approvals. We know the way the banks work down to a science, we work hand in hand so we're aware of special promotions before the general public. We also know how to effectively capitalize on these offers. It's one thing to know about these credit lines, but it's another thing to get approved with a substantial amount.

We can help you meet the criteria for credit cards of $50,000 to $250,000 with 0% interest. The typical introductory loan period is 12-15 months. There are typically very small, if any, balance transfer fees. Even if you don’t have any balances to transfer, we can show you how to turn the credit lines into cash.

If your FICO (credit score) is 680 or above, you are a great candidate. If your FICO is below 680, you will most likely need credit counseling to assist you with items that are hurting your score. We can advise you appropriately.

I get it! I want to get started and get the credit I deserve!

What Happens When You Become a Client

  1. First we will guide you in understanding your current credit situation.
  2. You will go over the steps needed with your Fund&Grow consultant first to naturally raise the credit score and balance the credit report so that when you go to apply for a credit card you will have the best chance to get the most amount approved with the highest limit.
  3. You will get a private one-on-one consultation with a Fund&Grow consultant to determine your individual optimal strategy. Are you looking for low interest money, the quickest, or the most money long term? Are you looking for cards that won’t show up on your credit report? You tell us; we will tell you the plan. You will then work with your consultant to take the steps necessary to maximize your credit profile. Then, with your authorization, we will help apply for you.
  4. Our monthly newsletters, available only to clients, are packed with the latest news and offers in the credit card industry, along with information on current local and global investment opportunities. We will send you one free issue of our newsletter. After the first month, we will bill your credit card $50 per month. You may cancel at any time.

In addition to credit cards, we will teach you how to obtain credit lines for your LLC, LLP or corporation

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